OMG Eleventy!!!

So… REEEEEE we’re all gonna DIE! Eleventy…

The MSM/Dems/Left is melting down over Wuhan Flu. No, I’m not politically correct. That is where it started. Just like Middle East respiratory syndrome, MERS. The B-boys, Bernie and Biden have come out with all kinds of statements blaming everybody but themselves and their cohorts for the current situation.

Hospital count is down by 16% or 984ish hospitals from the 1970s. Why? Conglomerates for one, HMOs for another, and lastly, insurance companies. Most of the hospitals ‘closed’ were rural or smaller institutions that couldn’t compete with the big boys for doctors, nurses, or insurance contracts.

Of course the B-boys are screaming about the lack of ICU beds/ventilators/respirators, saying there needs to be an ‘immediate ramp up’ of production. So… who is going to PAY for that?

And one of them (Bernie, I think) was all for MANDATORY recall of retired doctors and nurses, forcing them back into practice (umm… wouldn’t the older/retired doctors/nurses be in the group that is MOST in danger from Wuhan Flu?) and the ‘government’ would pay them.

President Trump has put travel restrictions in place, first from the far east, now from Europe to the screams of the left/MSM about (insert your favorite ism here). He is also being blamed for the CDC’s lack of test kits, a vaccine, etc.

He declared a national emergency yesterday for $50B for states and territories to set up operations centers, and hospitals to activate their emergency command centers to handle the expected influx of patients. HHS will have permission to waive certain laws in the face of the projected emergency, including telehealth, allowing doctors to move across state lines to service the highest need areas. The national emergency allows the U.S. to activate operational plans, such as moving emergency rooms offsite to keep those infected with the virus away from other emergency room patients.

Commercial labs have been freed up to provide test kits, FDA has now approved Roche, LabCorp, and Quest for a new testing protocol in the last week, shortcutting the normal lead time by months.

Dr. Fouci from the NIH has also been allowed to remove many of the ‘constraints’ to working with them and the CDC to try to drive the expected pandemic ‘curve’ down as flat as possible by being proactive rather than reactive.

It appears that Roche, LabCorp, and Quest will be deploying testing capability to their labs this weekend in response to the meetings last week. Google is apparently doing a website that will direct people to ‘drive by’ testing in various locations nationwide with the labs to be providing results within 24 hours.

CMS is also being allowed to wavier a number rules/regulations with respect to hospitals, nursing homes, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Just for clarification, the previous administration’s response to H1N1 was as follows-

Obama declared a public health emergency on April 26, 2009 and declared a national emergency in October 2009

Trump’s administration declared a public health emergency related to the coronavirus on January 31, 2020 and a national emergency on March 13, 2020.

Wash your hands, use common sense, and don’t panic. (And I’d almost say don’t pay attention to the MSM, or take anything they say with a LARGE (maybe a pound or so) grain of salt.)


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  1. We will survive this.

    The Chinese Plague is real and if you get sick you need to take care of yourself. And it is very contagious. There is a tendency to over react and to run to the government expecting a solution (now). Bernie proposes a communist solution – like what China did in a land where the healthcare consisted of boiling some water and give it to you to drink. And maybe to chant over you.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Good Post, in my mind, the media is responsible for the mass hysteria of the Wuhan Flu, they are looking for a way to smear the administration for this. They are hopingto have this go along long enough to impact the 2020 general election and get “Old Joe” in.

  3. LL- Of course. We’ve seen how the rest of the world does stuff up close and personal. It’s NOT as pretty a picture as everybody thinks… Sigh

    Bob- Fixed it, and agree.

  4. People. Settle down. Don’t go nuts and panic buy anything if you are in the Western World, particularly the USA, Australia, and other similar countries that DO NOT have a third world economy that CHINA has!. China has TWO Economies. One, which it presents to the world, as everything is on the level, on a par with the rest of the world, with minor Internal and World-influenced Market fluctuations. The other, it’s internal economy, is as different to its world economy profile as chalk is to cheese. A simple demonstration, given the nt planet wide COVID-19 hysteria. In China, as it’s a Dictatorship, the Chinese Communist Party, NOT, THE GOVERNMENT, IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL of every facet of every Chinese person, from before birth, ’till after death. That’s all I have to say, the rest is up to You.

  5. We will always have the selfish and “Chicken Little’s”. I’m encouraged by the overall national response to this Wuhan virus problem. Seems we as a nation can deal rationally with a problem affecting all of us.

  6. Oddly, despite the loss of hospital beds in the US, about 6 months ago guess which country was rated #1 for epidemic preparedness in the world? (Homepage – GHS Index. Scroll down for map. Pick a country.)

    Love how this thing got spun up because a totalitarian dictatorship with socialized medicine tried to cover up a bad situation, but the leftists are all saying we need stronger government and socialized medicine…

  7. President Trump has also enlisted Google and Walmart to aid in distribution of rapid-test kits (like what South Korea has had for over a month but the CDCs couldn’t produce.)

    Amazing that a capitalistic of an executive is enlisting capitalistic companies to fight a socialist spread disease.

    And who said the Cold War of capitalism vs socialism was over?

  8. The number of hospitals has declined primarily due to government regulation. Medicare began the destruction of small hospitals, Obamacare accelerated it.

  9. Drang, Thanks for the link to GHS. That’s a good one for calming people down.

    I heard from my mother yesterday who lives in British Columbia. They are being told by their media that people who “travel” should all self quarantine for two weeks, including to the US. I did some quick digging and discovered that the actual advisory from Health Canada was for people who travel to high risk countries or areas. Made me wonder if the news types in Canada just want to discourage people from going to the US. Given that tens of thousands or more Canadian pop down to the US to shop, buy gas, or pick up mail every single day, I sent her the link and suggested that she share it with all her friends.

  10. I can’t believe the hysteria. The advice the CDC is providing, wash your hands, stay home if your sick, etc. is the same advice that is giving every flu season. The same population is vulnerable, so what is so special about this particular strain? The current known flu viruses have killed a ton of people so far this season and the media haven’t panicked about them, why now?

    I smell a rat, what are they trying to pull? Who is going to profit from this and why?