It’s turning into one of THOSE weekends…

And this one is an old Texas saying… Actually probably anywhere there are cowboys… 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow will have some semblance of sanity…


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  1. Funny. Hadn’t heard the 2nd one.

    ONFO: saw a comment by you at another site. I’m thinking of having a shirt made: “Real chili has beans”.

  2. Oh Boy, we sure do live in interesting times!
    Americans have a need for things now that we are bunkering down for the duration of this Cardona Virus thing. Boy God has created a very strange world. We seem to be in the need for Toilet Paper more than we are for food.
    Personally I loaded my house up with Pizza, and Hot Dogs, to the Hell with Toi;et Pater. We have lots of trees out where I live and I can always use the leaves from the trees to wipe myself clean.

    I haven’t seen emptied store shelves at least here on the west coast since I was a teen during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    My mother’s words that she often uttered haunted my head as I waited in line at the grocery store. I only needed some milk. She said as we looked around at the empty shelves” the bloody alarmists” . She had lived through and survived the Blitz in Lndon as a teen.

    Many Americans have become alarmists, I personally rely on Michele Obama’s words as important reminder to have faith and rely on God.
    She always said, “The hell with Toilet Paper, we need lots of Lobster, and Caviar” But Caviar has become So Damn Expensive, that I think I’m going to give it up.

    Also, I amused my self in the Grocery Store line to noted the items chosen by people that appear to be their secret stash for the end of the world, like Rice and Beans, and plenty of cigarette. Good Luck to us all. And by the way as Robert the Nero so correctly said. Fuck Trump.

  3. It does too have… oh, nevermind. 🙂 Now I have a craving, darnit.

  4. Chili has whatever my wife says she wants in it. Beans, corn, a distant third being meat.

    When you look at it, in it’s origins, chili is just a stew made with a chili base. So meat of whatever origin, regional vegetables, or non-regional vegetables.

    Kind of like bouilliabaisse or gumbo, both versions of what I call ‘Cultural Garbage Stew.’ Which in essence every culture has a version. Take what is available at the end of the day that won’t last till tomorrow, stew it up, serve it. Only later do people get all uppity about the ‘purity’ of the recipe.

    Seriously. Bouilliabaisse originally started out as the French version of fish-head soup, using whatever the cookers could find. Gumbo is the same, just a gumbo sauce with meat and vegetables served over or, in some cases, cooked with, rice.

    And then there’s… Chili. Which is a stew made with a chili base. Only in Texas does it become a killing thing over the addition of frijoles or maize (not ground up) or maize (ground up as a thickener.)

    I guess I am one of those heathens that likes beans in my chili. Big kidney beans, a mix of light and dark red. Maybe if I feel experimental I’ll add some black beans, and occasionally some kidney beans.

    Or I’ll make my chili with the leftover big pot of pinto beans. Add some meat and tomatoes in various forms, chili powders and cumin, and some corn. Ahhh. Takes me back to the year my wife and I basically lived off of a big pot of beans a week. Good times, good times.

  5. Mama was a midwesterner so her chili had spaghetti in it (no beans). And we crumbled lots of saltine crackers into it. I wonder if my sister in law still has the recipe…. It was nothing like the chili that I make.

  6. ha, horses. I rode a lot, then a Mad Arab kicked me off her back. There’s a moral in that.