Being a man ‘of an age’, the time has come once again for ye olde colonoscopy…

Of course all I had to ‘eat’ yesterday was broth… And what did PP send me a picture of?

Both the grandkids love fruit, and they go through a lot of it. But that was NOT what I needed to see as my stomach grumbled… And then she said she had to buy tri-tip since they were out of hamburger.


O.M.G. Watched the first 10 minutes of the Dems debate last night… TDS is alive and well with those two. All they wanted to do was throw money at the problem and ‘save the people’ with free everything… Turned it off before I shot the TV…

By the time you read this I will be hungry, grumpy, and heading for the doc’s office.


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  1. Wow, I get to leave the first comment? insommnia does have a side benefit.


    Yeah, the “exam” is an age related suffering, I have no suggestions for what to think of as an alternative, nothing works for me.

  2. I lasted about 10 minutes too, and turned off the debate. It was a waste of time. I turned to “The Grey Man – Sunset” by Curtis instead. A much better use of my time.

  3. You would remind me. I’m due to have this happen to me again this year. I just hope it goes as well as the last one.

  4. I have no idea when my last was. I suspect about seven years ago when I had suspected diverticulitis. Turned out to be nothing (they actually couldn’t even figure out where the blood had been coming from as it had completely stopped by the time we got around to the colonoscopy). I have a great doctor, but one of my frustrations is that his office doesn’t ever call and say “time for a checkup”. I have to remember when I was last there. Which I never do.

    Anyone, I don’t envy you, although when they did mine they did it under a general, so the hardest part was lying in that hospital bed while the nurse woke me up every hour to drink the foul tasting solution.

  5. Did not watch debate. Dems full of s–t. At least for today, no one can accuse you of that.

    (Sorry. Softball over the plate, I have no self restraint.)

    Seriously, here’s to your continued good health.

  6. Jim,
    Been there, done that, or rather, had that done to me.

    Hope everything came out all right! Lol!

  7. We had a doc at the hospital that pretty much the only thing he did was colonlookseeses! He was a cash cow for the hospital…

  8. Did my colonoscopy. On top of IBS, colon-prep was… energetic.

    I think every young socialist ought to be forced to do a colo
    n-prep, and then be locked out of both a bathroom and away from any food for 72 hours, as a preview of what they really want.

    I think it took my body 2 weeks to recover to it’s normal crappy self.

    Enjoy the first taste of real food. And the second. And the third.

  9. Both of them were divorced from reality to begin with. Both of them remind my of my crazy aunt Velda. She talked to cats and trees and believed in pixies.

  10. All- Thanks for the comments… And I need handrails for the toilet if I ever do that again! Clean and good for another 10 years! YAY!!!

    Chatted with the doc, he says this is a media driven panic, period, end of statement. And they will continue to work.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  11. I watched it, start to finish, wondering if Bernie would clutch his chest or Biden would have a monumental brain-fart.
    I was disappointed. Both probably made their supporters cheer.
    Now comes the question-
    If they again “steal” the nomination from Bernie, will he run as an Independent, ala Ralph Nader?
    What fun this is to watch!

  12. I’ve now had three age-related colonlooksees, and always treat myself to a big steak, eggs, all the trimmings, breakfast afterwards. The only thing that gets me through the “prep” is what’s waiting for me afterwards. Glad yours went a well as can be expected.

  13. Ed- Yep! Paramedic with kids… She’s got a SUPPLY! We’re good, three copies of Hillary’s book as backup… 😀

  14. Aside: local VA just canceled all non-emergency appointments. So, no worry about a colonoscopy for me. Yay.

  15. The wife had hers done last week, and now she’s bugging me to have mine checked again since it’s been about 7 years.

  16. After last sneak-a-peek Dr. Patel said there was some “residual debris” left so “next time we’ll persue a more aggressive cleansing.” “MORE AGGRESSIVE” is NOT a phrase you want to hear in that setting.

  17. As for the Dem. Debates; I wonder if calls to suicide hotlines goes up when they’re aired.