I can’t help but wonder how the folks that own this little restaurant in Sicily are doing…

Bouganstia, up in Motta, Sicily. First walked in there 26 years ago. The old man who ran it spoke NO English! He called and his little 10 year old granddaughter came running down and was our waitress the first time. In 2010, the last time I was there, she was now married and the owner with her husband doing the cooking! 🙂

They could seat about 24-26 people total, and the food was outstanding! I think we were some of the first Americans to try the place, and the folks on base probably kept them going through some hard times in Italy.


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Do they have a website?, you can send them an email of support. Right now they would appreciate that.

    P.S. WhoHoo, I’m first, LOL

  2. I love Italy, though I haven’t been there in ages. It was odd, the later the night went on at a trattoria on Lake Como, the more I was able to understand Italian. Curious.

    • Oh my, the lake region is paradise on earth. Your comment caused so many happy memories to flood back.:)

  3. While my wife, daughter and I were on vacation we walked into a similar small restaurant in Villa Minozzo about 40 miles from Bologna back in 2004. It was family run. We didn’t speak much Italian and they didn’t speak much English. The language barrier soon disappeared and we had a fantastic meal. I know this area is in the epicenter of the pandemic and I’ve been thinking about those warm, welcoming people often.