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As Hollywood stars, politicians and professional athletes revealed this week that they had been tested for coronavirus — despite not always having a fever or other tell-tale symptoms of COVID-19 — they faced backlash.

Full article, HERE.

C’mon can anyone honestly say they are surprised by this? I sure as hell am not. I’m just like the rest of us peons. Praying I don’t get it and have to rely on the VA/Medicare to get tested. I don’t have $1000 to drop on a test, much less know where to find a doc that would contravene the rules for that. But then again, I’m NOT important…

The other question is how much human capital is going to be wasted on these mandatory lockdown/shelter in place requirements? And how many that aren’t infected are actually going to OBEY those requirements? Social distancing, sure. Not go out to get food, not support those local restaurants who’s lifeblood depends on the community?

What will happen in this lasts longer than a couple of weeks? Anarchy? REAL panic? Beats the hell outta me. Glad I live in a small town. SMDH…


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  1. We’ve got a facility move to make in Austin. I guess I’ll be testing my antibodies this weekend.

    I don’t know if I’m correct, but it seems every movie in the last 10 years was a zombie, disease, disaster movie. I think folks may have been primed to freak out. And since “don’t let a crisis go to waste” D’s are pouring gas on the fire.

    When the herd is spooked, it only takes a one snort to cause a stampede.

  2. I don’t live in a town, but as I’ve mentioned on my blog, things seem to be under control in Northern Arizona for the most part. But as STxAR said above, it takes very little to start a stampede.

    Having said that, I keep alcohol wipes with me when I go out and I do keep my distance. I don’t plan on getting tested for the Chinese Plague unless I get sick. And even if that happens, I don’t know where I could go to get a test, and what good the test would do me, other than to satisfy my curiosity.

  3. I am living a life of ruthless normality. Social distancing, well, social distancing isn’t actually that hard for single curmudgeons. Washing hands, yes. Trying to avoid touching my face, trying (I have a mild case of adult tic syndrome, originally diagnosed as possible Tourette’s and I tend to do stuff with my hands constantly. This has actually been an interesting experiment as I try to avoid constantly fiddling with my chin, mouth, nose, eyes, etc). Other than that, I have been to the gun store and the record store (unfortunately neither of those had anything I needed or wanted), the local motorcycle parts store and the Harley dealer to pick up stuff for my Road King engine rebuild, the local thrift store to buy some DVDs, the grocery store, the pet store for cat litter and cat food(damn cats won’t stop eating and pooping, no matter how much I encourage them), Walmart for … wait, what did I need at Walmart? Probably nothing and I try to avoid them since they went all woke on us.

    Anyway, if the economy crashes it won’t be because of me.

  4. STx- Excellent point.

    LL- I’m doing the same thing. Who knew that case of lens wipes would come in handy…

    Hereso- Yep, ‘doing’ things is the best alternative. I’m trying to get this latest novel finished and out to readers since there isn’t much else for them to do.

  5. I went to the gym this AM, since they will close for the foreseeable future at ten Pm tonight. (Pfooie!) Hit the local snack-shack and those of us there kvetched about the media blowing all of this way out of proportion. Got kitty litter two days ago, and have been doing my usual introvert things.

    I give it two weeks. By the Palm Sunday weekend, the non-big-city natives will be getting really, really restless.

  6. Like Heresolong, I am a single curmudgeon. I am retired and live in a town of about 50,000 in Idaho. So far life has been boringly normal. Due to limited mobility, I usually hibernate during the winter anyway, so this has been an extension of my normal routine. Food is being delivered, Amazon is still selling toys, UPS and the Post Office are still delivering, garbage is being picked up, the power, heat and internet are working, so I’m good. I see the stories of “life in the ‘Big City'” and I am so glad I decided to retire here.

  7. TXRed- Oh yeah, you know it… Glad I’m in small town Texas!

    NRW- Heard that and agreed!

  8. As time and weather permit, need to put compost in and rework mulch on the garden. Time for peas and other cool-weather stuff.

    Now, if only I could plan a row each of 9mm and .45, and wait for the ordnance bushes to ripen. 🙂

  9. Amen. I am avoiding most social media platforms for the the duration. There was a lot a junk on there already, but now even some of the more ‘sane’ folks are taking it to a whole new level. How does that help, posting fears, outrage, rants help anything? IMO it just adds to the confusion and panic we are seeing in some instances.

  10. Small town?
    Yep. Could not agree more.
    BUT… ours has a railroad running through it that connects with one of the three major cities you think of when someone mentions “crime”. Our house is just a half mile away.
    If you’ve not done it already, read “One Second After”, by William Fortschen.
    (It seemed far-fetched when I read it years ago. Now? Notsomuch.)

  11. As a geezer/loner I have been self isolating for a long time. Store,drive-thru,and the range is about it.
    Reading, reloading, internet,keeps me out of trouble.

  12. Taking basic precautions. Two-three weeks should see a start back to normalcy, whatever that is. My main worry is my sons and grandchildren.

  13. Same here as WSF. Sweet Little Wife has been doing light “recons” of the stores, and some normalcy appears to be returning. Items are becoming available again, but get there early!

    I, too, usually semi-hibernate during Winter, so as long as the utilities are working, I’m fine.

  14. PK- Oh yeah!!! 🙂

    Randy- Agreed!

    GB- Yep, worth the read again…

    Skip- That it does, AND you can handle anything that comes your way.

    WSF/drjim- Same with me.

  15. Me too!

    I live in a small town in central Virginia – about 30 miles from Richmond.

    Divorced, but have a fiancée for round two.

    Wish me luck.

    Retired 1630 with a little over 20 years of active duty service.

  16. Just a little bit too close to the DFW metrosprawl here. And yes, we could be in for a bit of a haul here.

    The UK General in charge of the country’s military response to the China Plague, I forget his name, believes this thing will hit “spike” in May/June.

    Still, that’s the UK. Let’s hope things sort themselves out sooner here. Please.