Well, well, well…

When the excrement hit the rotary device, a ‘number’ of things changed…

There was the toilet paper, etc. hoarding (still don’t know why)

BUT, the oddity was the sudden upsurge in gun sales. It’s like people suddenly realized that ‘they’ might have to protect themselves, because LEOs and security services would have ‘other’ things going on.

Last Saturday NICS was running 3-3 1/2 hours behind and finally crashed completely early Saturday evening. I don’t know if they got it back up this morning or not, but talking to folks that are in the ‘bidness’, there is also a run on ammo that seems to almost match the 2008 run.

Ammo. com has done a dive on it, and their take is interesting!

While people stockpile toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and pantry essentials, they’re also purchasing ammunition at an unprecedented rate. Here at Ammo.com, we’ve seen a significant growth in sales that directly correlates with the rise of COVID-19 and its spread across the country. As we mentioned in a press release on March 6, 2020, we first noticed a 54% sales increase on February 23, as the search term “coronavirus” started to gain traction, according to Google Trends.

And this was just the start… Full article, HERE.

Really glad I’ve been building my stocks back up in the last few years!


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  1. I agree on last stockpile building. Tried to order some 40S&W from Midway. They are out except for some rounds made with depleted uranium and GPS trackers.
    Also, CDNN announces it is quitting ammo sales.

    Guess we are better deep thinkers than I realized!

    Think I’m first! Whoopee!

    • Tc – CDNN made the getting out of the ammo business a couple of months ago – usually been an ad every couple of weeks – ‘strange’ calibers listed and with Texas sales tax and shipping applied I can do lots better locally.

  2. I wish I’d built up my stock of photon torpedoes and warp grenades.
    Other than that, I’m fine.

  3. Yep, we seem to have a good supply already laid in. The gun store/range where I work had a week or so of VERY busy days on the retail side – lots of guns sold to first time buyers, and we had to restrict the amount of ammo bought by each person. My concern is that, since the whole store has closed, there are limited options to train these new gun owners. Hope there is a realization by the newbies that they need training, and that waiting for a crisis to start preparing is not the best course of action.

    Some are bemoaning the fact that ammo distributors are raising prices – must not understand basic economics such as supply and demand. After all, they could have been buying all along when supplies weren’t tight.

    • Raising prices to reflect uptick in supply/demand is one thing but some have gone into total price gouging mode (can you say CTD? – I knew you could).
      My local gun club has shut down their indoor range and their classes, if that is reflective of others then there are limits on where one can get decent training. Basic fundamentals can be done about anywhere but a definite crimp on live fire.

  4. Friend of mine purchased a 1911… took five days for the NICS and state background check to complete (granted, one of those days was a Sunday, but still.)

  5. People decided they needed to protect their hoards of toilet paper, hence the gun and ammo run after the TP shortage.

    Well, that and the LA sheriff releasing prisoners to prevent a COVID spread in the jail and cutting back on officer presence at the same time probably spooked some people nicely.

    • Aaron – it ain’t just LASO that is releasing prisoners – our sheriff is doing the same from the county jail – granted a large percentage of them are going to state or federal lockup for felony charges but some are not. And he has directed that only serious crimes will require booking – the rest will be cite and release. Not quite to the degree that most agencies in kalypornia are doing but still.

  6. RC- LOL, yep CDNN might be rethinking that…

    John- Sigh… LOL

    Tom- THAT is a concern. I had to postpone a class I was supposed to teach next week. And no, they don’t understand supply and demand.

    JB- Wow!

    Aaron- True. And not surprised by LA/SFO/Kommiefornia doing that… Not at all. Glad my daughters have guns to protect themselves.

    WSF- You too? Damn… ;-P

  7. Funny how the tp run didn’t seem to initiate the run on guns, but then when several large metropolitan areas said they weren’t going to enforce the Law, well, that started the movement.

    I guess lots of people have finally learned what we’ve been saying for years, “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” Which has now been amended to say “Wsc, tpama, and they aren’t coming because they are scared little wimps and unit-less mall-cops, or their controllers are, and you, buddy, are screwed.”

    Funny, that. It’s almost like there should have been a founding document with something in it about just that very thing…. Nah, couldn’t be.

  8. Just bought our first AR.
    All stocks are on “backorder”, so it may as well be a baseball bat.
    I know… “this too will pass”.

  9. was in the process of moving the last load of guns and ammo to a new stash on the Island but ran into a. huge rogue wave that completely flipped me in about 1200′ OF WATER! Good thing I was wearing my survival suit or wouldn’t have made it ashore! Managed to save one pissy asses .380! Oh well time to start all over but at 81, think it would be an exercise in futility. SIGH

    • I’m starting to think that firearms and boats go together about as well as sodium and water. Same reaction – the solid disappears.

      Although, you know, that does explain why all the waterfowl hunters keep having to buy more shotguns . . .

  10. Heck, I’ve over 1,000 rounds of .22 SHORT!
    You can imagine the rest of my stock.
    I well remember the first gun show after O’Bummer’s ’08 win. GA Arms sold out of a 24′ truck on Friday AFTERNOON. They had a semi drive up from GA to No. VA overnight and were all but out by 5pm SATURDAY. Took over a year before that insanity to die out.

  11. All y’all that keep losing your guns in ‘boating accidents’ should have taken a basic boating safety course – required in Texas 😉 Maybe you should have sold them to Bubba’s cousin over yonder……………
    Iffen ya filed an insurance report on said loss and got reimbursed, hopefully ya never have to use one of them ‘lost’ guns – ‘might’ cause a bit of an issue – do what ya gotta do to protect kith and kin.