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From FB via Brandon Coan and a lady named Deb…

The reports are that the truckers are getting supplies to the stores. People are stocking the shelves all night and letting old people shop first. Carnival Cruise line told Trump “We can match those big Navy Hospital ships with some fully staffed cruise ships” GM said hold our cars and watch this; we can make those ventilators where we were making cars starting next week. Women and children are making homemade masks and handing out snacks to truckers. Restaurants and schools said, We’ve got kitchens and staff; we can feed kids.” Churches are holding on-line services and taking care of their members and community. NBA basketball players said, “Hold our basketballs while we write checks to pay the arena staff.” Construction companies said, “Here are some masks for the medical staff and doctors”. Breweries are making sanitizer out of the left-over ingredients. We thought we couldn’t live without Baseball, NASCAR, NBA or going to the beach, restaurants or a bar. Instead, we’re trying to keep those businesses open by ordering take-out.

You’ve got two Democrat Governors getting told “We will make it happen” by a Republican President who has fought with them for three and half years. While the media keeps repeating itself, “We are a nation divided.”

What communist China didn’t count on was America saying “Hey, hold my beer and watch this.”

I think a Japanese Admiral in the middle of the Pacific said it best in 1941, “I think we have awakened a sleeping giant.”

Give us a few more weeks (maybe months) and we will be doing much better! And stop listening to the hysterical media!

Common sense folks… Common sense. And call your @#$% congresscritters and tell them to STOP playing political games!!!


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  1. Spot on, Old NFO.

    These are great times for authors who can quietly devote themselves to their craft.

  2. One of our local churches had a drive in (not thru) service – parishioners parked their cars in the church lot, tuned their radios to the selected station and the preacher preached. Not sure how they took an offering though 😉
    Necessity being the mother of invention has ALWAYS been the hall mark of America.

  3. Thank you for the relay, and if it is convenient pass my thanks to the originators.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I am seeing it here as the people band together to help each other through the pandemic. I am happy about that, but the news out of D.C is that Pelosi dropped a turd of a wishlist on the relief bill and schumer killed it on procedural votes. Sheesh.

  5. Yeah, nice to hear of people getting along with others and sacrificing to make it easier for Seniors to get needed supplies. Buying meals from Mom and Pop restaurants who were competing with national chains for survival. When we shopped last, we made sure to thank the workers who spent the night stocking the store.

    Like it or not, We are all in this together.

  6. “…all your @#$% congresscritters and tell them to STOP playing political games!”

    So, what do you do when *all three* of your congress critters are doing exactly what you want them to do.

    Never forget: All politics are local. Your two senators are elected by the people in your state, and house members are elected by congressional district. Nancy Pelosi, who I can hardly stand the sight of, is a product of her local district – San Fransisco. I have no say in her election to that office. (That place – SF – is so far gone I doubt we’ll ever be rid of her.)

    The best I can do is send the message to my three congress critters to “Keep up the good work.” …and vote – each and every time.

  7. Part of the reason for the run on the grocery stores is suddenly people were being told to stay home, with kids, and don’t go out. So people, who were used to buying food on the way in to work, buy lunch at work (or at school) and pick up food on the way home, now had to provide all meals, mostly, from their own kitchens. Thus… between the jerks who are trying to profit off of this via on-line sales, the jerks who are just hording for hording’s sake, and all the normally-non-grocery-buying people suddenly having to self-feed, poof, perfect storm of empty shelves.

    Weeee. We’re having fun now.

    As to toilet paper? No idea. No idea at all, except for those jerks that went and bought tons in order to sell it on the internet.

  8. “I think we have awakened a sleeping giant”

    That and his (Yamamoto) remark about how our 2nd Amendment meant that
    “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    Thanks to ALL who have served and are serving now.
    – GLL

  9. Re Congresscritters: If they stop playing political games, they will start doing something. Remember the first rule in an emergency “Don’t just do something: Stand there!” applies threefold to politicians if the emergency is to be fixed, not made worse.

  10. As a Geezer I was allowed into the store at 6AM. Picked up what I needed,and at the check out I asked the box boy if he worked all night restocking. He said”Yes sir”. I handed him a Jackson and thanked him.

  11. Aw, geeze. That made me all sniffly … OK, I cried.

    One of my Senators was Hillary’s VP selection. I’m S.O.L. there.
    The other one is eyeing the 2024 Dem. nomination. More shit.
    My US Rep. use to be Ffx. Co. Supervisor … and declared Ffx. Co. a sanctuary county. He’s eyeing the governor’s mansion.
    And that is why the Smarter Half and I are moving out of Virginia.

  12. Wife can’t due to surgery recovery, so big bag of pre-cut fabrics are headed to the church group for mask production. Grocery clerk told me some day shift folks moved to nights and were trained on more-to-it-than-just-stuffing-shelves stocking duties. Grocery special hours for 65+ age. Some restaurants are cutting prices to bring customers in to pick up online orders; P/U inside or at drive-thru. I’m sure there is more, but I’m out only for chauffeuring wife’s 2x/wk PT.