How are y’all doing???

As we enter day whatever of the social distancing, what is everyone doing to cope?

PP was to the point she threw the kids outside in the rain… LOL I got out and mowed my yard today, so I got 3500 steps in.

I know some folks are using social media to help brunt the ‘pain’ of having kids at home, plus doing things like virtual gaming and video chats between folks. I think a lot of folks need to be thanking those who ARE working, especially those in small/local stores, restaurants, etc. They ARE the lifeblood of your communities and you need to support them. Do carryout, that way you don’t have to cook for a change. Let them know you appreciate what they’re doing. Most of us can’t thank the truck drivers, LEOs, Fire/Rescue, or the doctors or nurses, but posting on FB or other media does let them know somebody appreciates them.

For me, as a writer, I’m pretty much not out and about anyway… So no real change, per se. LOL But I did order takeout to support our little local diner, and will be continuing to do that through the coming week(s), because I LIKE their food. Our little grocery store had to put limits on stuff to keep from getting bought out by the locusts once they’d raided all the other big stores, and thankfully, they are pretty much back to normal, minus the usual suspects (TP, paper towels, sanitizer).

I’m having to ration the TV, otherwise I’d have blown a hole through it last week from all the BS that is out there. But on the good side, over 98K words on the WIP, and I ‘think’ I’ll have it done this week and out to the alpha readers.

Also, I’d like to thank those that spread the word about the book sales, and kudos to the other authors that did the same thing! We do appreciate the readership, and I, for one, hope you enjoy the books enough to leave reviews.

We’ve actually postponed our weekly dinners until further notice, waiting out the diminution of this whole Wuhan Flu thingie… We’ve also been wondering if we didn’t have a mild strain of this come through the area back in early January, as most of us were sick/coughing/chest colds for 3-4 weeks. Of course, hindsight is 20-20 and we’ll never know… Sigh

Take care of yourselves, reach out to friends, use that thingie on your hips and actually CALL people and talk. I know that is a novel concept, but trust me, it works…

Also, any good coping ideas appreciated!!!


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  1. We’uns is doing passable well, and thank you for asking.

    I’m ‘working’ from home, for a given value of working. Herself is home sick, but not Beer-Flu apparently. The rest of the critters (Kids and animals)are healthy and annoying.

    This house is not experiencing any shortages, but then I’ve been watching this since January and I’m a skittish sort.

    People around here seem to be taking it seriously. Staying home, being mindful of what they do, and who they do it near.

    Contact in local Medical says we are not seeing much here, but the fuse has been lit.

    Gun shops all but wiped out, as the NICS crashed. Looking like a peaceful pandemic so far.

  2. I’m the designated sewer in the family and spent some time at the sewing machine making face masks.
    I sent you a longer email with photos.

    • Saying “I’m the designated tailor in the family…” sound so much better than “I’m the designatd sewer in the family…”

      Leads to so much less confusion, as I was trying to figure out why you were a sewer. What? No plumbing?

      Sometimes my mind is weirder than even I can handle. And yet here I am, sharing it with you all.

  3. Well, our office (Architect) is working from home presumably the next 2 weeks. So I’m on break attempting to do an honest 8 hours work a day on an apartment project. No access to server, so we each copied our files onto hard drive and will bring back to our office when we go back. You do what we can do.

    Wife and kids are doing okay. Son was laid off due to virus but is expected back after so lets see how that works out. Daughter is taking college on-line courses so she’s annoyed we are all home making ‘racket’ – Sorry !! :^) Wife was home prior to flu – broken ankle and teaching don’t mix it seems.

    I still have chores – drive out to pasture to feed / water cows. Walk the dog. Get constructive criticism by indoor cats. Its all good so far. When we eat out, we try to buy at ‘Mom and Pop’ eateries to help them out.

    Local – curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 p.m. Stay home orders unless seeking medical help or food. Standard stuff.

  4. We did a virtual birthday party for my niece using Zoom, it was so much fun we are going to do chats a couple of times a week till this is over.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    We are doing alright here, I had to stay out of work this week, I had a cold and didn’t want to be a dick. Other than that < did some small projects around the house and planning my next trip to the range.

  6. Still going to work, the repair shop was “deemed a critical facility”, being cautious around the customers.

    No concerns for the home front.

  7. I see lots of kids out with their parents on the walking trails in our neighborhood. Kids, unless they are in abusive homes, will probably remember this time with fondness.Lots of time with parents.

  8. I am retired here in Montana we got a Couple of small snow storms since we started the self Quarantine (lock down) so I got out to shovel it Went to Elderly day at Walmart yesterday Got a few things had to remind a couple of people about social distancing (a strategically placed shopping cart helps enforce it). I live alone so I am not worried to much about keeping busy. I have got to continue Gun Cleaning later today and time to start reloading for summer. My TV is dying so I ordered a new one for a free delivery Wednesday it is starting to act up worse so I am going to call the company and try to expedite the shipping. And thanks to a VA doctor screw up I have to go there and do a UA because I take Tramadol (and have for years) The doctor FORGOT to order it in February. Luckily the clinic is about 100 yards away so I usually walk there. other than that not much going on. I am thinking about adopting a retired Military working dog so I have to increase the fence height to 6 feet it is chain-link so I have to look into it more. Trying to keep mentally busy is the key for me.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments and seems like we’re all doing what we can do. John- Thanks for the pics and good job on those masks!!! Stay safe out there folks!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Rural Montana along the Continental Divide. Working from home, managing a team of very talented network engineers and cabling installers remotely. We’re helping to keep the State of Montana’s employees working. My other hat is a white helmet for the local fire department – things have slowed down for us since people started staying home – and that’s a good thing! The four four-leggers (three dogs and a cat) are happy that I’m home more. Well stocked and avoiding unnecessary contacts.

  11. Just spending time as normal, hiding from all the leftists and socialists in the local area.

    At least the quarantine keeps all the dems ‘Get out and vote, but only for our candidate(s)’ people away.

    Though I miss making them cry as they try to defend the DNC’s position.

    Usually I start with “Are you for record minority employment? Record women employment? Record criminal justice reform? Well, then you should be voting for President Donald Trump.” And then I start hitting negative talking points about socialism and leftyism (I refuse to call it liberalism, because it isn’t. The left have destroyed, like so many other words, the meaning of the word ‘liberal’.)

    Though I am enjoying reading about all the druggies who are now having to fight for a limited stock due to the real source of most of the illegal drugs in America (either by precursor chemicals or by the drugs themselves) coming from Communist China. Muhahahahahahahahaahha. Can’t wait for the involuntary detoxification of America to hit hard.

  12. SoCal here, we had our first tracked Wuhan Flu death yesterday with 125 logged cases (both from the county Public Health Department web site). Cirque du Soleil *was* setting up at the county fairground for a performance run when the lockdown hit. They have torn everything down and moved on.

    My daughter the HS Senior started Distance Learning today after being at home for almost two weeks. I just hope she can have a public graduation in June, or even graduate at all. Plan is to reopen school in mid April after Spring Break.

    Wife is a companion/caregiver for an elderly neighbor who went in to the hospital just before the shutdown. The hospital quickly closed down ALL visitation so they are taking real precautions.

    I’m holding down the fort at our local office, we have the only occupied suite on our floor and I have an office with a door which makes the 6 foot rule easy. The complex is almost empty and the sandwich shop on site is open for takeout only.

    None of us are gregarious so we aren’t exactly suffering staying at home. The biggest impact we have seen is cancellation of public performances of all kinds and classes at our local dog training shop.

    We are stocked for The Big One so no panic buying required, just normal resupply.

  13. Sitting at home here in the UK under lockdown,having just had a total hip replacement last Wednesday, the 18th. Does my timing suck or what? Catching up on back reading of series on my Kindle and inventing creative names for the exercises the physios gave me to do (and sometime names for the physios too).

    Stay safe over there.

  14. I’m working both jobs from home. Things are quiet, stores are getting re-supplied, and I’m doing what I can for local small businesses. MomRed got a tee-shirt made that says “I have Hay Fever, not Corona Virus.” A lot of people are doing yard stuff and kid stuff, and sidewalk chalk seems to be a best seller. 🙂

  15. I’ve resorted to loafing. In the Navy, it’s sometimes called calking off.

    Now you could say, “What’s new about that, LL?”

    Not much, Old NFO.

  16. We’re ambling along. The nerdlings are doing distance learning from home. Hubby is working from home as much as possible. It’s different here, though. In [Eastern European nation] folks aren’t buying up the toilet paper. They’re going for rice, dried legumes, and frozen vegetables. That’s where I’m noticing the biggest dents anyway. Lean times are within living memory and people know how to prepare, just in case. The viral spread is controlled fairly well.

  17. I’m getting along OK, but my Sweet Little Wife would have been bonkers by now if we didn’t have our grandson to watch. All her volunteering activities have been curtailed, and all of the tickets we’ve purchased for various events are “On Hold”.

    I bought her a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle to put together, and we’re killing time doing that.

    I have enough stuff to keep me busy, but she’s a bit ‘on edge’.

  18. Luckily I got a fishing trip in up the Gorge, and shared the catch with neighbors before they locked down Oregon & Washington.
    Lived in the back of beyond so long, that the house is well stocked all the time.
    No excuse for not getting things done, that have been back burner.

  19. Coping? What’s that, can you eat it?


  20. We are retired and live in rural road system Alaska. It looks like we have two gramd children for the duration. Zeb was going to school in Fairbanks and they closed the college until fall so he had to come “home”. Extra help with the heavy work. Emmie came up from Valdez. She is 12 and is keeping grandma entertained getting sewing and cooking lessons. The area has several absentee owners showing up who no one really knows so we are carrying open just in case .

  21. All- Thanks for checking in. Bad- Once again your timing sucks, sir! And I know those names… shudder…

    Take care all! Posted from my iPhone.

  22. Glad to hear you’re still healthy man.

    Bottled water industry is retarded right now. Almost wish we were non essential, two weeks off during a mild spring would be tits. None of the drivers have came down with the bug yet, so that’s a positive.

    It’s ironic that Amanda and I are the crazy preppers in the family and have to work whenever everyone else is whining about cabin fever and lack of basic crap we stack deep. TP? What, you don’t have a couple of the big Sam’s Club packs on a shelf in the basement? 2 is 1, 1 is none..

  23. Was kinda looking forward to some time off but got deemed essential. Got paperwork to show the cops if they stop me. Co-worker of one week refused to come in anymore “to protect her family”. Hmmph.

    My two roomies do not appear to have done any preps; I’ve moved much of my SHTF stuff from the house to an undisclosed location. Sigh.

  24. Heath- Interesting… sigh… Glad y’all are okay.

    Robert- Ouch… You do what you gotta.

  25. Doing much better than I was earlier today.

  26. Here in West Oz, the same government intervention as elsewhere. Essential travel only, no congregating, limits on alcohol purchases.

    I HAVE had a win though – every time I buy some household item surplus to current requirements, the wife-unit bitches about it.

    Just this morning she was panic-stricken about getting to the bottom (pun intended) of the last TP pack – well, the last as far as SHE knew.

    Suddenly, I am some sort of magician if not an actual deity, since I walked to my man-cave and returned with enough TP to polish the whole house to a rosy shine.

    I take my little victories where-ever I find them.

    Now to get back to reloading.

  27. Still working here, but hey, can’t complain at having a job. Trying to finish the latest book, and just got a carpal tunnel brace in, so that may go faster soon.

    Black Rifle delivered fresh coffee to my mailbox just before this whole thing really blew up, so I have everything I need… aside from milk and eggs, but thankfully the local grocery has those. Stocking like I live at the end of the supply chain comes in handy, weeks like this.