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Here we go again, the left just WILL NOT give up on gun control…

Get yourself ready! Here is a breakdown of HB5717. please share and get this info out there and start a conversation.
  • You will need a federal license to buy a gun or ammo.
  • 30% tax on all firearms sold also included in this bill.
  • 50% tax on ammunition.
  • Includes a mandate to keep track of gun owners and firearms they buy (a national registry)
  • No more “gun-show-loop-hole” no private person to person gun sales.
  • Federal 7-day mandatory waiting period.
  • Red flag laws are built into this bill as well
  • No one under the age of 21 can purchase any firearms.
  • 1 gun a month policy
  • Safe storage requirements.
  • An “assault” weapons ban.
  • Ban on private builds.
  • Magazine capacity limits.
  • Ban on all suppressors.
  • Force FFL to extensive security measures. that is too expensive for a small business to implement
  • Forces background checks to all works who work at a gun store.
  • Expands the gun-free zones.
  • Funds research into gun violence.
  • Establishes a gun buyback program.
  • Exclude firearms from the safety commission.
  • All government officials are exempt from all the above and more. 

“Pocahontas” has/will introduce a companion bill in the Senate. I guess they think we’re too busy right now to keep an eye on them. The full text is at the link below.


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  1. Introduced by Hank “Guam might tip over” Johnson, which shows the level of deep consideration given… I swear that all gun control proponents have that same level of irrational thinking skills. How do these people make it through their lives thinking like that?

    Anyway, don’t take it for granted that your rep will vote it down – let them know how you feel. Senators, too.

    • All of them have ‘controllers.’ They are merely self-animated puppets doing the work of these controllers.

      You can tell this by when the puppets go off script. Other puppets’ controllers scramble to drown the off-scriptness under the correct ‘message.’

  2. Tom- Agreed! They seem content to jump up and down on the third rail of politics, figuring they can get away with it this year… sigh

  3. Yeah, what Tom said.

    With leftist mayors and governors releasing thousands of “non-violent” inmates from jail, not prosecuting “Minor” felons, telling criminals to “just chill” and at the same time closing gun stores and not performing background checks for purchase or carry permits, these idiots want to use the WuFlu crisis to get their gun control jones on. I don’t think they understand just how much dynamite they’re playing with, or how short the fuse could be.

  4. The fascist sons-of-bitches never give up, do they? Thanks for the post.

    The sponsor of this piece of garbage is a little weasel from Georgia. Co-sponsors are all Democrats – are you surprised?

  5. They (the commie-socialist-leftist jerks) must have had a snit-fit when President Donald J. Trump made an Executive Order that gun-related businesses are essential and must stay open.


    As to the above HB, well, the motto of leftists-communists-socialists is and has always been “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

  6. On February 18, 2020, a family friend was murdered by her estranged boyfriend. He was a drug user, and she was trying to get her life back together, and she told him she was leaving him.
    He shot her five times, with a firearm it was illegal for him to own.
    He was convicted of drug and forgery felonies in 2013. I can’t tell if he served any time for that.
    In 2018, he was arrested for receiving stolen goods, and being a convicted felon possessing a firearm.
    He spent one night in jail, bonding out the next day on a $7,500 bond. (I spent almost that much time getting Julia’s body released to the funeral home, and making funeral arrangements for the family.)

    Not ONE bit of the proposed legislation would have done anything to make this murder a less-likely occurrence. Instead, it’s all aimed at me and my family and others who enjoy sport shooting, as well as those who are hunters, and people who Just Want To Own Firearms Because Nunya.

    I just wrote Barry Loudermilk, my congressman. He’s one of the good guys. I included pictures: our lovely family friend who was murdered, and three of my family members at the range.
    I hope he sticks those pictures in the faces of all who are supporting disarming us.
    You propose something that will work, specifically, at keeping violent felons from getting firearms, without taking them away from the good guys, and you have my support.
    For the rest, you can have my firearms when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

    Written by a grandfather, a veteran, and a retired public education system middle school counselor. Peace be on your household.

    • Damn, my condolences, Pat. No one should have to go through that situation.

    • And sad to say, there is a whole host of enhancements for use of firearms, both statewide and federally, in the commission of a felony.

      Yet neither state or federal prosecutors ever seem to want to use these enhancements, to both the length and severity of punishment, except when going after the guy who has an arsenal of weapons (arsenal being more than 3) and engaging in anti-socialist government talk.

      I am so sorry for your family.

      But what happened is once again a pure example of selective enforcement, plea bargaining, prosecutors dropping charges to pad their ‘conviction stats’ and other stupid games that only make us normal non-felon folks’ lives harder, not the felons.

  7. “I rest knowing that it will not pass the Senate, nor the Resolute Desk.”

    The very act of the fucking stunt should be met with tar and feathers, if not worse. There are no consequences for the attempt, so they’ll keep trying until they get their way and the Big Igloo kicks off as a result.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments. Pat- So sorry. Prayers for the family.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. How in the world would you enforce a ‘no private gun sales’ law for older firearms ?

    ‘Where did you get that gun ?’

    ‘It was a gift a long time ago.’

    ‘Can you prove that ?’

    ‘Can you prove it’s not ?’

    I’m guessing the choke point will become ammunition. Factory made and reloading components. That is consumable.

    • Yes, the choke point will become ammunition. The Lady Fish has a relevant filk, called “Black Powder and Alcohol;” it’s mentioned in “Fallen Angels,” by Niven, Pournelle, and Michael Flynn.
      The REAL choke point, as far as keeping the center-fire rifles going, will be primers. There are YouTube videos that discuss re-using them, with pop-gun caps as the propellant. The reloading of .22 LR is also possible; I bought one of the kits back during THAT shortage. It’s hinky; you have to press the priming compound into the rims with a special tool or a matchstick.
      Black Powder and Alcohol:

  10. As a former marine, I think I can safely say you are missing an “F” in the title!