I’ve been blogging for thirteen years! Cannot believe I started this little blog in 2007.

4700 posts, so I’m a piker compared to a lot of folks.

67000 VALID comments, something over 8 million views, still in the piker category, but I DO appreciate those of you who visited my humble little blog as long as you have.

I’m older, grumpier, and that’s about it…

For those that say there is only the good side or the bad side of the current argument, I would offer this…


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  1. You have lots of company in that little central place… or at least you have me and my family in there with you!

  2. I too am in that central place, and I believe a few of my comments were valid, or least somewhat so.

  3. OldNFO,

    With those kind of stats; If you are a piker in the blogosphere, what does that make me?

    I blog more for me than for anyone else. It is very therapeutic and probably keeps me sane to vent where I do. The fact that ANYONE takes the time to read my rants is just a bonus.

  4. You might think the quantity of posts isn’t that big, but I would disagree. Quality has its own quantity, or something like that. And I would bet not many of those with larger number of blog entries have the other writings you do. Anyway, congrats on your staying power – looking forward to another 13 years of astute grumpiness!
    And I would think that 99% of your readers and commenters are in that middle place – know I am.

    • +11 – what Tom in NC said. I have to admit that the bottom two circles bother me way more than the top one. With only 38 hospitalizations from the virus in all of Alaska, the devastation wrought on the economy, local businesses, and wage-earners is far, far worse than the disease.

  5. Happy Blogiversary Cajun! I had to reread that date, it does say 2007. (Just kidding, just kidding.) You’re a daily stop on my morning rounds. Of course, juvat and I pick on you occasionally, but it’s all in fun. (And really juvat and I aren’t getting any younger either!) Keep up the good work! Here’s to another 13 years!

  6. We can take Corona-Wuhan seriously. Just like any other seasonal flu or bug like one can get from one’s child about the second week of the school year.

    If one is really susceptible, one needs to take care. Otherwise…

    Me? I am not enjoying watching police and politicians turn into jack-booted thugs and Nazi or Fascist leaders (and I’m not talking about President Trump, I’m talking about all those democrat governors and House members…)

  7. An appropriate song lyric immediately to mind: “stuck in the middle with you” – seems lots of other folks feel the same 😉

  8. All- Thanks! And yes, we seem to be the minority… At least vocally…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. Obviously, you’ve excluded my more bizarre trolls and unhinged rants from that count of valid comments, right? 🙂

    Bad side of any argument: Listening to Bob expound on his latest mad theory, especially as trolling, for pages and pages.

    Good side of any argument: You are talking with people who treat your ideas with the respect they deserve, with whom you can civilly agree to disagree, who will press you on weak points, and not just concede because you are a pain, or they agree with you.

    Looking forward to the new book.

  10. Congratulations!

    Many happy returns, your daily posts are a go to for me.

  11. I too have just past an anniversary. And when I reflect on how blogging has changed I mourn what FaceBook has done to us.
    I loved reading and participating in the blogging world.
    Seems to me FB has cheapened it all somehow.
    Some blogs are still important to me and require regular attention. Yours is one of ’em.
    Thanks Navy.
    Keep plugging, and rattle my cage now and then.

  12. Hey Old NFO;


    Your blog was the first blog along with Kim Du Toit were the first blog I saw when I first started venturing on the internet. I blame you for foisting me on the blogging world, there is the reason I call you the “Godfather” or the “Blogfather” as it were, it is your fault you know, LOL