State of the writer…


VERY thankful for the folks that put up HONEST reviews, getting my books over the 50 review hump. Thank you!!!

Went over 30K words on the first book in the Hackett Series, tentative title Showdown at Boulder. I’m thinking these will be a little shorter, probably around 80-90K words.

The sad part…

I pushed the button on Rimworld- The Rift on the 1st and it STILL hasn’t published… Grrr… I’m not getting any satisfaction as to what the hold up is either… HOPEFULLY, it will be up sometime!!!

Back to scribbling and research on the Western, since I ‘know’ some of my readers will check things… 🙂


State of the writer… — 13 Comments

  1. The good news (for us) is that your stories are worth waiting for. Just knowing that they’re on the way is gratifying.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    We are a patient bunch (Warming up the iron maiden), LOL

    Seriously, It happens when it happens…

  3. Yay on getting reviews! And arrrgh, that’s frustrating, having to wait on Amazon! I am forewarned for when we’ve finished the formatting on Going Ballistic. Thanks!

  4. Be like everyone else, blame any and all malfunctions and delays on Covid, seems to work for the “civilians!”

  5. G00gle’s various applications have been acting up for the past few days. I don’t know if that might be afflicting other systems, or if it is a sign that parts of the ‘net at large are having some kind of problem.

    Fingers crossed that the launch gets launched ASAP.

  6. Delay might be virus related if the ‘Publish button’ pusher is at home.
    Get well soon!

  7. Wing- Yep… sigh

    George- That ‘seems’ to be the norm right now.

    TXRed- Not just them. The entire net has been weird…

    Joe- LOL, no

    Frank- Good point!

    Glenn- Into the Green, but this one has basically a new set of characters.

  8. It’ll be fantastic. Write on. Hard, at the present time to do anything creative. But you will.