Rather than beating on any one of the 1001 dead horses out there right now, or play the doom and gloom game, I give you something fun to watch…

8 minutes long, but watch to the end! Amazing talent!!!

And if you’re REALLY bored, Ian and I, with side comments from Jonathan, talked about the things going on, plus a few stories…  HERE. It’s a FB stream, so the quality isn’t that great, but like I said, if you’re bored… 🙂


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    • Hopefully you’ll be there longer than “Hi. We are closing permanently, here’s your severance. By.”

      Which seems to be happening all to often in these fallen times.

  1. I am not aware of anyone actually getting busted for disobeying Gauleiter Inslee’s diktats.

    A week ago he announced we were in Phase One, which is essentially no different from whatever we were in before. He magnanimously allowed as how, based on the “science” and “data” we’ll probably be allowed to go eat at a restaurant. Which will be required to reduce capacity. And keep a log of customers, including address, phone number, email address…

    That lasted maybe a day and a half and he was forced to withdraw it. So he can be trained…

    We, here, are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of grocery stores, a big box store, etc. (Total Wine & More…)
    I really, really wish they would open a barber shop.

  2. Vitamin D is critical to a healthy immune system. Those of us in northern climes, and with conditions that lead to reduced Vitamin D, need to take supplements.

    NAC seems to work once you have it, may not serve as a prophylactic.

    And if the Salt Mines ever announce an opening in Texas…

    Heinlein said he was stationed in Bremerton for 3 years, and one day he woke up and discovered someone had planted a big ass mountain in his back yard.

  3. Amazing work by Scott Wade.

    In the theme of dirty art, I wonder if his brushes are a sordid collection.

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