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First up is an anthology for the ladies! Flights of Fantasy

Our friend Monalisa Foster has a story in there, along with KC Ezell and Marisa Wolf! I know those three ladies tell some good stories!

As always, click on the cover to go to the Amazon link!

The blurb-

Do you believe in hidden worlds…and romance? “Flights of Fantasy” proves that love always deserves a happy ending…no matter what species you are!

Come along as the incarnation of Death tries to negotiate life as a high school senior, a shape-shifting centaur tries to do the right thing, and a valkyrie tries to guard her boss…who just happens to be a phoenix!

With characters who find love at the circus, or learn their boyfriend is now a werewolf, or who have to deal with the man of their dreams being turned into a vampire in front of their eyes, “Flights of Fantasy” delivers romance to strike every reader’s fancy…and fantasy.

Like a flight of food or beverages, “Flights of Fantasy” has a variety of short stories from talented authors you know and love, as well as some others you may not know—yet. Take a look and find a new hidden world to love!

With stories from:
Terry Maggert
Kacey Ezell
Marisa Wolf
Monalisa Foster
Kylie Cross
Julia May Vee
Casey Moores
Dawn Witzke
Sheellah Kennedy
Melissa Olthoff
Donea Lee Weaver
Kat Beaty

Next up is Eaton Rapids Joe with his debut novel, now up for preorder- Seven Cows: Pandemic, Resilience and Hope

The blurb-

Eaton Rapids Joe called his book a “cozy zombie apocalypse soap opera” and it’s hard to find other tags that describe it better….except, maybe, a superbly well-told tale of what happens in a small town after pandemic tears the world apart. This timely novel centers on the people of “Kate’s Store” community, both good and bad, and how they respond to the outside troubles. Quarantine, justified fears of outsiders, defensive actions, alternative energy sources, and the whole gamut of human responses to this thing that is completely outside of their control….or experience. Will the community rise to meet these horrors? Will they be able to keep out the hoards of starving people leaving the cities? How will they manage as the world-wide financial system collapses? A colorful page-turner, with twists and sage advice for today’s world.

I was privileged to be an alpha reader on this one and really enjoyed it!


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  1. I started reading Eaton Rapid Joe’s blog a little while ago, then I had to go way back to read the Ebola posts.
    Glad to see the story in book form. And I pushed the button to pre-order.

    I could state that I bought “Flights of Fantasy” as a gift for my wife, but that wouldn’t be totally truthful.

    • Joe did you announce this on your blog? if you did somehow I missed it. Good thing I read old NFO as well.

  2. Been waiting for this!!!
    Will there be other formats? My wife’s got the Kindle-fu so she’ll have to buy it, but I’d really like “real” paper