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I did quite a bit of testing out in WESTPAC back in the 80s and 2003-2015…

China is often described as the next superpower to top America within the next few decades. At first glance, such an assertion makes sense. The country’s vast geography, natural resources, rich history, and tech-savvy populace puts it in a position to thrive in the 21st century. However, China’s rise as a superpower is not one of an overnight success, nor is it filled with pretty rainbows.

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When you add in not only their military expansionism, the whole Wuhan Flu situation, and their years of intellectual property theft, China is on a spiral that has a number of ‘interesting’ possibilities…


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  1. And China does not live under a system that would send an invasion force transoceanic to liberate a continent. Subdue it maybe.
    But not liberate it.
    They won’t liberate their own people.

  2. Ed/WSF- To them it’s a plus (if you’re in the party). And true, subjugation is the goal!

  3. What if nations decided not to allow them to steal anything anymore? How would it work for them then?