Book promo… and other things…

First up is an anthology with a twist… Space Force: Building the Legacy

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The blurb-

Tenere Altum. Hold The High Ground.These are the stories of the first 100 years of the United States Space Force created by then U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Within this new anthology of military sci-fi short stories you will find stories of service and incredible sacrifice. Stories of the one sacrificing a few to save the many, and of the one sacrificing himself for all.But mostly these are tales of the men and women to come, who will patrol the harsh, cold blackness of space. Those that willingly place themselves in harm’s way to protect a solitary blue marble and all that call it home.Tenere Altum!

On of our online writer’s group, Brena Bock has a story it in!

Next up is Joseph Francis Collins with the fourth book in the Black Hand series- Bomber

The blurb-

Modern Day Assassins
The Black Hand: A shadowy organization that recruits, trains and supports assassins specializing in unique murder techniques.

A Talent for Explosions
Jim Fox is at the top of his game as an elite Navy EOD technician. But when an accidental explosion kills his best friend, it also ruins his career. Now he uses his skills and experience to take revenge on the incompetent and careless individuals responsible.

A New Career
The Black Hand has been watching as Jim travels down his murderous path. When his life is thrown into shambles by events outside of his control, they offer him a job—with some dangerous caveats.

The Future
Before The Black Hand formally offers him a position within their organization, Jim must face a challenge that might very well cost him his life. With luck, skill and determination, he may survive his time as…

This is an interesting tightly written series!

And sadly, an anthology for charity- Give Me LibertyCon in memory of Tim Bolego

The blurb-

BEST-SELLING AND AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS WRITE FOR A GOOD CAUSE: All-new anthology from top names in science fiction and fantasy. A portion of the sales will fund a scholarship set up in the name of superfan, TVA engineer, and LibertyCon founder Timothy “Uncle Timmy” Bolgeo.

Join David Weber, Larry Correia, David Drake, and twelve other best-selling authors as they pay their respects to some of their devoted fans and to a lost friend. Fifteen stories from the authors’ own worlds will showcase some of the names of their greatest fans in original works, written for a charity in honor of Timothy Bolgeo, the founder of LibertyCon.


David Weber
David Drake
David B. Coe
Larry Correia
Sarah A. Hoyt
Timothy Zahn
Mike Massa
Charles E Gannon
Jody Lynn Nye
Bill Fawcett
Chris Kennedy
Kacey Ezell
Les Johnson
John Hartness
Christopher Woods

And one I almost hate to put up, but if knew or read Mike Resnick’s work, or knew him personally, he’s also passed away. However, due to all the medical bills and other issues including $0 income since his death…

Gang, this one is important–Mike Resnick was a giant of the SF community who spent his entire life mentoring other writers, patiently encouraging so very many who have gone on to great success. But more than that, he was a decent, funny, deeply kind and all-around great human being. You always came away from a conversation with Mike feeling lifted up, bostered, and ready to take on the challenges in front of you.

Since his passing, his wife Carol has been trying to deal with large medical bills and a complete loss of income. We all chipped in on the GoFundMe, and it helped quite a bit. Now, she’s setting up an auction for June 14-18 to continue that effort. This is the auction house that will be handling the items. She’s posting the link before Mike’s items go live, so people can register in advance (They’re not on the auction page yet). Please see her note below, and please, share it far and wide. She’s SF family, and she needs our help. (You can share the link from Mike’s page, too, but make sure you get her note included.)

“This is Carol Resnick. I’ve hired an online estate auction house to handle the sale of many of Mike’s treasures. The sale will be June14 through June18. the site is Everything But The House; their URL is . Anyone can go on the site but you must register to bid; it’s easy to do- even I can do this.”

It’s truly sad that she is having to sell everything, but if you can afford it, buy something to help her out.

And I really, really hope I don’t have to do anything like these last two again anytime soon!


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  1. It’s tragic when people die and their prized possessions end up on the auction block or worse, in a landfill. I realize that entropy takes everything, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a loss to us ALL.

    When somebody like that dies, it’s like a library was burned down.

    • LL – too true or even worse a legendary book store get torched by arsonists.