This is what is going on in Seattle…

Bodycam video of police attempting to respond to the shooting the other day.

My question is, what happens when a resident gets shot/stabbed/robbed…

Apparently as of today, ‘Nobody knows nuffin’ bout what happened.”

Are we on our way to being the next Venezuela???


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  1. You’re well on the way to becoming like the Bogside in Londonderry in the 1970s. A no-go area with ‘policing’ provided by paramilitary groups. Next comes punishment beatings and kneecappings and people being ‘dealt with’ for daring to involve the police.

  2. I thought that CHOP was a sovereign nation and that Seattle had separated itself politically from CHOP? Guess not?

    Frankly, it’s a lot cleaner if they “don’t know nuffin” because the police report is one sheet. No need to write more. There’s a carcass with a bullet hole in it. Give the clay to the next of kin. The cynical police will treat it like a flatcat or any other type of road kill.

    The police crisis will begin when those who can leave will and they will have very difficult times replacing them. The public acts as though the police are robots, who don’t have options.

  3. Humans are the most dangerous predators on earth — bar none — and the only ones I have ever hunted, or would consider hunting. Guess it’s time to stock up on some ammunition here…

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    It is what they want, let them have what they want…..I would leave them alone. I would totally isolate them, but the mayor supports them and you can’t cut them off so they have their little fantasy of” no cops and anything goes”.

    • Arrest the Mayor and the city council. Have the national guard move in and declare martial law. No businesses shall operate at all until there is NO crime.
      No food shall be sold and no gasoline shall be bought.
      ALL business shall be closed.

  5. Give notification to the residents, 24 hours to leave. Then cut the power, cut the gas, cut the water, no sanitation. No emergency services will be provide after that time.

    I would not risk LEO live for this mob.

    Catapulting diseased bodies into the zone came to mind, but that maybe a bit extreme for the first go round.

  6. Not if Argentina happens first.

    Saint Augusto of the whirling blades, spare us that necessity.

  7. All- Concur that there are ‘options’, the question is which one(s) will be used. LL- Yep, LEOs are human. APD being the perfect example. Zero officers reported to zone 6 the other night, ONE officer in zone 5. Two hours I listened to the radio channels, not one call for response in zone 6 and the poor officer in zone 5 had calls stacked three/four deep.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  8. And now there are reports of armed groups from both sides of the spectrum gearing up to go to CHAZ/CHOP. One to ‘protect’ it in a very Somalian warlord way, another to crush it in a very peeved-off tired-of-this-garbage way.

    Dunno if this is real or if it’s just media stirring up trouble.

    Can I please have the troubled America I was born into, the early 60’s, where race relations were better than they are now thanks to Barry the Appeaser? Of course, Keep Trump, but…

    • Barry the white supremacist, who it is racist to have federal recognition of. Boycott Netflix unless they cancel Obama.

  9. Mixed feelings about this. I have acquaintances who live there and worked their asses off to buy their condo homes. Good people, who got the city government officials they voted for. Maybe next election they will rethink their positions?

    • One can only hope that come November, everyone takes a long hard look at the tv and decides if they want that coming to a neighborhood nearby, and then votes accordingly.

  10. I would hope that there are published Rules of Engagement for all municipal services. That would include not just police, but firs-fighting, maintenance of utilities, roads, mail, and everything else that goes into a shared infra-structure.

    It seems to me that the CHAZ/CHOP participants are setting all the rules, but I don’t know what they are offering in exchange for taking control of public property and limiting access to the area.

  11. sigh.
    What “will” happen, is exactly what DID happen: punk shoots snowflake (or other punk, unclear), SFD medics called, SFD medics refuse to enter active crime scene until secured by SPD cops, SPD cops cannot enter, CHAZ/CHOP/CHUMP* “medics” haul snowflake to local taco place and treat on table, then evac to Harborview medical center, and all the snowflakes start screeching about “Where were the cops?!”

    They’re supposedly going to start clearing and reclaiming it Real Soon Now, which apparently means next week, probably so all the fellow travelers can get clear and leave the useful idiots to take any fall.

    *CHUMP: Capitol Hill Unofficial Menshivik Patrol, h/t Instapundit.

  12. But NFO, Wakanda’s a peaceful city!

    I understand there’s been a 4th shooting in the CHOP and the Mayor’s shutting it down. Tragedy strikes for the Summer of Love. Sort of Altmont meets Woodstock, when you think of it.

  13. It’s already ugly.

    Ace of Spades has a video clip of people blocking roads and threatening motorists with rifles.

    I know Trump was content to initially let the idiot Dem governors and mayors dangle in the wind over this, but this is starting to spin out of control.

    • And the blame and responsibility are directly on the mayors and governors who refused federal help from the beginning.

      Trump has them over a barrel. It is the state and local governments’ responsibilities first and foremost. Feds are only supposed to come in when a disaster is declared or the governments go so far against state and national constitution that fed government involvement is the only way.

      Right now, both local and state forces could take back CHOP without federal help. Thus, Trump waits.

      The power of the federal government should be wielded last, for it is not subtle. It is downright unsubtle.

      We really don’t want the feds unleashed. Really.

  14. Hey Old NFO;

    Both Toastrider and Bean are correct, this is gotten out of control, and this is due to the democratic governors and mayors kowtowing and pandering to the mob. They would have loved if President Trump would have preemptively interfered with CHAD , then they could have blamed him for the mess and kept their hands clean.

    • Beans isn’t wrong, and neither are you.

      You just know that innocents are going to get caught in the middle of this, though. 🙁

  15. The best thing to do would be to seal off the area, keep the electricity, water and WiFi, monitor and record everyone’s transmissions (as they are completely incapable of having a bowel movement without posting) and wait until after November. They are not allowed to vote, as they are no longer citizens. After November, use all the electronic data to convict each and every one. Send the white ones to prisons where there are mostly blacks, and the blacks vice versa – then they can learn about real oppression.

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