The Nanny state is alive and well…

And yes, it’s TINY print, and generic for all knives…

It’s a @#%%#@ KNIFE! Of course it is going to be sharp! Sigh… Really???

I’m sure either NY or CA had a hand in this requirement! Much like the warnings scattered everywhere in any hotel in CA about cancer causing materials, danger this, danger that, including at least one hotel in SOCAL that has a warning button in the elevator about earthquakes (as if the rocking and rolling of the elevator in one wouldn’t be enough)… Kicking the soapbox back in the corner now…



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  1. I remember back when I saw the Ruger stamped ‘infographic’ on their firearms about where to find a free manual and was disgusted back then. Time has only made this worse, with warnings not to ingest the contents of bottles obviously not purchased for that. Calling my doctor’s office, you get that ‘If this is a real emergency, call 911 or go to the hospital emergency room . . . ‘. This has only become worse with COVID warnings and advice.

    Which knife was purchased ?

    • They did that to avoid a huge lawsuit before the law protecting firearm companies was passed.

  2. My favorite nanny warning was on a steam iron, “Do not iron clothes while wearing them, sever burns may result.” Obviously some idiot tried that and successfully sued the manufacturer.

    Reading the knife warning sheet, my first thought was “Forged in Fire” has violated nearly every caution on that list.

    • hahaha! Great minds. My first thought was “Forged in Fire”, too! I’ve been watching it faithfully in the evenings. Great show.

  3. It seems NO substance does NOT cause cancer in California.

    Conclusion: California is a potent carcinogen.

  4. How did all of us survive our childhood without all these warning labels, signs, restrictions, etc.?? My favorite is “Do not use this rotary lawn mower as a hedge trimmer by holding it in your hands” – again, as NRW says, someone did that (but only once per person, I imagine) at some point to warrant the warning.

  5. I get a jewelry catalogue from CA. It includes warnings that if you grind up the lead-crystal or leaded-glass beads and eat or inhale them, you might get lead poisoning.

    Um, if you are crushing your jewelry and eating it, you’ve got a whole ‘nother set of problems long before you get to lead poisoning by ingestion!

    • Some time back I got curious and looked up the MSDS info for various grinding & polishing agents for optical work. They were generally of the “Do NOT eat this.” and “Do not breathe the dry dust of this.” Proper use, of course, has nothing to do with eating any of it, and the work is *always* done with water – to the point that a period of mirror grinding with a charge of grinding compound is called a ‘wet’. When it starts to seem dry, time to start with another. Or at least add water.

  6. Lawyers primarily, but yeah, CA generates incredible bovine byproduct.

    I remember seeing a stamp stating that ‘California has determined this may cause cancer’. It was on a sheet of plywood, referring to wood dust from cutting.

  7. jrg- True. Little 6″ fillet knife.

    Jim- LOL

    NRW/JMI- LOL, yep… sigh

    Orvan/Toast- CA is CA… nuff said

    Tom- We learned the hard way! Raise your hand if you NEVER cut yourself when you were a kid… sigh

    TXRed- Really? I…um…er…

    WSF- That too!

  8. The Darwin Awards were developed for those that are reading and common sense challenged. In other words idiots and liberals

  9. I LIKE knives! Mostly pointy knives, but Ulus too. they’re shiny, mostly, and sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!

  10. Warning: Living, growing up, or being born in California can induce all sorts of foolishness.

  11. As others have pointed out, the reason for these absurd warning labels is because somebody, somewhere, has done it and then sued the company for it.

    It’s called the “litigation lottery”. And even if the suit was unsuccessful, the costs of defending it are orders of magnitude greater than the cost of the labels.

    Also, you can’t blame lawyers 100% for this madness because for every lawyer there is at least one client.

  12. George- Point!

    Sam- LOL

    Bob- Don’t remind me… Daughters still there. Dammit!

    Marcus- If only! 😀

    Roy- Good points!!!

    • [email protected]: I’ve read that Will was asking a question, not making a statement as a prelude to making a case for keeping lawyers to ensure civilization stays, um, civil. I could be wrong…

      I have a blood-soaked band aid on my thumb from an obviously defective serrated steak knife that lacked the proper warnings. Who do I sue?

  13. There are lead warnings on ammunition with lead bullets. WELL DUHHHH. Who would have thunk it lead bullets actually have lead in them. Jesus Christ. I think we should have a cull every couple of years remove all warning labels and danger signs especially bar lawyers from filing lawsuits for that year. Then we will see how lacking in intelligence and common sense people really are.

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