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Mike Watson is putting his inaugural full length novel on sale today- Émigré: A Novel of the Tri-Cluster Confederation

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The blurb-

When Fabien Loche arrives in the Confederation as SolSystem’s newest Liaison, his government believes he’s a broken man sent into exile. But the new job, and the new culture, are far more strange and welcoming than either had anticipated. With the help of the local Chief Inspector, and his headstrong niece Molly, Loche plunges headlong into exploring and learning everything on the station above and world below.

More is riding on his assimilation than his future. He’s also the vanguard of the spaceborne Houses of SolSystem, who are preparing to flee the reach of an increasingly unstable and aggressive Earth. But the Confederation is far more fragmented and factioned than he expected. The scramble to control the highly advanced technology that the Houses will bring, and the fear of losing it, may be the wedge that drives Confederation and Sol System alike into war…

Mike has written a number of shorts in Eric Flint’s 1632 series for the Gazette, and I was happy to be a beta reader for this novel.

Next up is Amanda Green’s short Nocturnal Prey- A Nocturnal Lives Short Story

The blurb-

Three years ago, Mackenzie Santos’ nightmare became reality. The world learned shapeshifters really do exist. Since then, Mac has worked hard to do her duty as a cop, as an alpha and as a mother. Now those duties all come spiraling together as she becomes the hunted. If she isn’t careful, not only will her life be forfeit but so will the lives of her daughter and all those she cares for.

Eerie story, especially if one knows anything about wild animals and their tendencies. Well written with twists to keep you immersed in the book!

Last up is Monalisa Foster’s short story- Pretending to Sleep: A Communism Survivor’s Short Story

The blurb-

Based on actual events, this short story provides a quick glimpse into life under Ceaucescu’s brutal communist regime. Like so many Romanians, ten-year-old Renata lives in fear of Securitate (Ceaucescu’s secret police). They don’t always take you in the middle of the night. In a world where the living envy the dead, not all examples are made in the shadows. Some are made in the light of day.

The dispassionate recounting makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This one is a prescient warning considering where we are today and what is going on…


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  1. I’ll have to give that last a read. I know a Romanian woman who lived under that tyrant and she has some tales for sure.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I really wanted to meet MonaLisa at Foolzcon, 1/4 of my side of the family came from behind the Iron Curtain so I can relate to that story. Gave me the chills. I will check out the other 2…and the 2nd one….kinda explains Ian you know LOL