It’s getting…

Strange out there…

Seriously, now the ‘peaceful protesters’ are starting to go after Fire/EMS responding to calls. This is how you get NO response to accidents/fires/shootings…



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  1. Maybe we should abolish the emergency where OD are concerned.


    • A former user/dealer of my acquaintance maintains that lettin’ ’em croak is the most cost-effective way to reduce the number of ODs which are stressing the system. Can’t say I am vehemently opposed to the idea…

  2. No, this is how you get no GOVERNMENT response accidents, fires or shootings.

    It doesn’t mean there will be no response.

    What are they going to do, call the cops?

  3. The pumper I drove was a small one: only weighed 25 tons, as it only had a 500-gallon water tank. But it was a bear to stop in a hurry, and if such protesters had stood in front of it back then, physics would still apply.

  4. Bob- That would be raciss… sigh

    Angus- Exactly! Or those new ‘social services responders’…

    Rev/Eck- Yep! We had 1250 gal tanker and no, it didn’t stop worth a damn… Physics ALWAYS wins!

    • Try stopping a 5000 gal O2 tanker in Seattle traffic… My air seat needed emergency upholstery repair at least twice a month puckering up the material…

  5. They are using the same playbook as Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot used. Attack the structure of government until it fails and then point at the failure and say it’s the fault of the (insert whatever group is bad-think) and that all needs to be replaced.

    Stupid idjits.

    Don’t use water cannons. Use that aircraft foam made from dead fish that stinks to high heaven. And add dye, a nice flourescent dye like used in dye packs. With maybe a touch of capsaicin. And some gelatin to make it stick.

    • Or do use a water cannon, with dye, capsaicin, and whatever else you want to add. Make it hurt. Painful. And make it something that will stick on their skin and mark them for days or weeks afterwards.

      To make it easier for right-thinking people to wail the tar out of them. Or for the Gov to arrest them.

    • “made from dead fish that stinks to high heaven”
      That would be AFFF Aqueous Film-Forming Foam. And yes, it reeks!

  6. Sigh – when you start to consider that 70% of the Fire Departments in the US are volunteer departments, if events like this become commonplace it could have a very bad effect. If things get bad, people will simply stop responding. You can pull a volunteer department, but they don’t push very well. It’s not as though most volunteers would be giving up anything by quitting – many of us don’t make a dime for what we do and there’s not a thing any government can do to force any of us to do anything.
    Most of us do the job out of love – but if hatred is the response…
    Thank God I live in a place far, far removed from this type of insanity.

  7. I’m in Columbus, OH. Parts of downtown and the Short North area look like 8 Mile and Dequindre in Detroit. All we need now is a resurgence in the Weathermen organization, many of whom are out and walking around – although I have no idea just how that happened.

  8. They’ve been shooting at fire trucks and ambulances for several years now, sniping at cops more recently.

    They’ve been getting away with it, so they’ll continue.

  9. Stanwood, WA Sons of Norway Lodge were volunteer firemen with their own pumper. Arrived at the fire and drove directly into the middle. Got the fire out. Afterwards, one was heard to say, “Goddamn Ole, fix the [email protected]#^ing brakes”.

    (Hey, I was married to a Norwegian, ya sure ya betcha)