Peaceful, I swear…

Three interesting articles about the ‘peaceful protesters’…

Increasingly, the favored tactic is blocking traffic. And, as the demonstrations become more and more violent, motorists are being targeted and, it is becoming more and more common to see vehicles, festooned with hirsute, scrofulous, putrid demonstrators barreling out of the area:

Full article and videos, HERE.

A photographer who allegedly supported Black Lives Matter (BLM) seems to have been killed by a BLM-affiliated protester.

Full article and video, HERE.

And we have CHOP…

SEATTLE — Two teenagers have been shot, one fatally, in the fourth shooting in 10 days within the boundaries of the free-protest zone set up near downtown Seattle amid a national wave of protests over police violence.

Full article, HERE.

And, of course, nobody knows nuffin…


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  1. Saw where a video of a truck driving thru ‘peaceful protesters’ revealed that one of the protesters had shot the driver prior to the vehicle running through the crowd. Hope the shooter is found and prosecuted.

    “A photographer who allegedly supported Black Lives Matter (BLM) seems to have been killed by a BLM-affiliated protester.” Good example of irony, or at least of bad karma. Who woulda thunk it?

  2. Narrative breakdown on a daily basis. Can’t remember which one, but NPR had a horrifying story about a car full of racists running over peaceful protesters, after which a slightly closer inspection of the video showed one of the protesters pointing a gun at the driver.

    Also worth noting that the gun violence per capita in the new Seattle area independent country appears to be higher than most third world countries.

  3. The commies have you quoting their mantra Heresolong . “Gun Violence” is what they been trying to confirm in our minds for years . Have you ever said knife violence ? Or fist violence ?

    • Swarms of guns, roaming the streets and alleyways, shooting at random people. Oh the humanity…

      I regularly check the conveniently located pistol and shotgun for sudden self-awareness and for the ability to move without being handled. Any sign of sentience and I’m outa here!

    • robert – Thank You (ya beat me to it 😉
      That particular phrase (just one of many the anti-gun crowd uses) is so misused. Violence is violence – regardless of the tool used (I suspect you know that).

    • Fair enough, except easier to type than “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something, committed with a weapon designed to launch one or more projectiles driven by rapidly expanding high-pressure gas produced by exothermic combustion of chemical propellant”

  4. Should read free fire zone, not free protest zone. At the current murder rate Seattle-CHAZ will be giving Chicago a run for the championship.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    And is going to get sportier. The mob is going out of their way to target vehicles and anybody in the city is fair game and Lord help them if they are pulled out because they are afraid to flee. Or worse they flee and the city charges them with assault or murder because the city supports the “little urchins” you know. If I was a city dweller, i would be planning my exit strategy.

  6. Pity the CHOPpers didn’t ever read real history. As they have devolved into 3rd world status rather rapidly. I mean, when Mexico seems to be safer than the CHOP, that’s saying something!

  7. And I recall the South Africa solution to carjacking: car-mounted flame systems. I wonder how long…

  8. Those of us old enough to remember Reginald Denny know what to do.

  9. (Please read with appropriate Southern mom accent): Honey, if my car is suddenly blocked and/or surrounded by protesters, and ESPECIALLY if one of my grandkids is in the car with me, I will hit the accelerator. Send me to jail if you must. Do not mess with a (Grand)mother bear.

  10. I’m reminded of “animal rights” activists trying to block livestock haulers pulling into packing plants. There is a certain admiration for their fearlessness and no sympathy for their lack of common sense.

    Protesting, and violence, produces an addictive mental high and, IMO, is an aphrodisiac.

    I say this based on some experience. Late sixties was loosely involved in a segment of anti-Vietnam War protesters. (Our position was, go all in or get the hell out) Seeing how the other protesters acted, and especially acted post protest, has left me cynical.

  11. I’m seriously thinking about investing in a coach gun for the car at this rate.

  12. WSF- Sigh.. Point.

    Toast- That works too! 🙂 I have the industrial sized Sabre Red in the car…