Too full to post…

Burgers, dogs, and since it’s Texas, tamales out of the back of a pickup truck…

I’m FULL!!!

So you get memes…

That one’s just plain funny… They talk a good game, but when it comes time to walk the walk, they ‘seem’ to be lacking a bit in the execution phase…

Stay safe, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and remember, Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff…




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  1. Tamales from the truck … ooh, good memories of those, TDY in west TX and NM. Great food and great comatose feeling.

    • “Back in the day”, I ate from the Food carts in Juarez. Never got sick, & barely avoided getting Cut, a couple of times. I would not go there on a bet now !!!

  2. Knew a few of those privileged ladies, as well as their gentlemen, in the past. Some would even talk of their experiences. One, a Polish man, survived Auschwitz only because he was a shoemaker, a skill the Nazis needed. The rest of his family wasn’t so lucky.

  3. Years ago I worked in a cemetery and had weekly conversations with one of these ladies who was a regular in the Jewish section of the grounds. Today’s youth could learn much from talking to that generation.

  4. PK- Oh yeah!!!

    Old- Yep, that was a while ago! And no, don’t try that today… sigh

    Jim- The stories are both amazing and horrifying.

    Woodster- Yep, trunk of a car, bed of a pickup, same same… And oh so good!

  5. Or conversing with a Dutchman who was 17 and not married, so he ended up in a forced labor camp. Or the neighbor lady who enjoyed the tender mercies of the Russian Army as an 14-year old orphan.

  6. Skip- Wow!!!

    WSF- Good ones are great, bad ones… sigh

    Judy- Exactly. Those are the ‘stories’ that are being buried by the woke left.

  7. Let me offer an expanded point for the number tattooed on their arms. That number was the punch card key for the punch cards that enabled the mechanization of the holocaust. Without the punch cards, and the Hollerith machines that collated, sorted, and otherwise processed them, the holocaust wouldn’t have been possible in the way the Nazis did it.

  8. Steve- Good point, and one mostly lost to history. It’s those ‘little’ facts that make it that much more horrifying!

  9. Steve — glad you raised the point. “IBM and the Holocaust
    The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation” is in my library and worth reading (available used and new at several sources). It might be wise to also remember the well documented involvement of Ford Motor Company, AT&T, and several major U.S. banks with Nazi Germany.

  10. Antifa is actually quite good at executions, as that poor black kid in Seattle recently found out the hard way.

    And some people wonder why gun sales are at an all-time high.