Oops… Turns out the ‘privileged’ white man that ran through the blockade on I-5… wasn’t what he seemed… HERE. Which may explain why this is getting little to no coverage…

And Michael Ramirez has another winner!

The whole defund the police ‘mantra’ is blowing up too…

In only six weeks, city after city operated by entrenched Democrats have seen a massive expansion in lawlessness, violence, and murder. Stunningly, many news outlets seem gobsmacked and mystified at how or why such an explosion of lawlessness has occurred.

For the sake of brevity, let’s sample six of the nation’s largest cities, including all of the top three.

No ‘defunding’ has yet taken place, but crime numbers are up dramatically… HERE.

And the ‘little people’ are taking note of it. NICS checks continue to rise, even as gun stores sell out of weapons and ammo…

Looks like Pantifa and government overreach have gotten folks attention this year. If this keeps up, there could easily be 40 million NICS checks this year, which means a LOT of new gun owners. And this doesn’t take into account private sales or those who have credentials/CCW that don’t require NICS checks…

And I find it ‘curious’ that the sudden increase in WuFlu cases doesn’t have a lot of backstory. Like how much of this is more testing, and WHERE the new cases are… Like the cities that rioted… Just wondering…



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  1. More of these revolutionaries need to be killed while
    “protesting” on the freeways. They’re projecting power, not peacefully protesting.

  2. Freeways are posted no pedestrians – we need to change the ‘people always have the right of way’ rule for many reasons, of which this is one.

    I agree that I think the protests and riots came off too early – to really swing the election they need t be strong in mid September to early October, too late for a strong response. By doing it when they did, they left enough time for Trump and the Republicans to have a response in place and for memory to fade before the election.

    As far as COVID cases? I’ve seen that in Florida is is illegal to ask a patient if they were involved in the protests; I suspect it is similar in other states. If you don’t ask the question, you won’t get an answer you don’t like!
    I think the hype about this ‘wave’ of cases is because thy hype is fading from earlier and people feel they need a reason to keep the lockdowns going to prevent an economic lift before the election – or the governors and mayors like the feeling of power. It is most likely a combination of both.
    People are widely ignoring the current restrictions – why is there any reason to think they’ll follow new restrictions?

  3. Note that the first six months of this year saw more gun sales than the entire year for the first 14 years of the statistics being kept. And this data is only NICS checks, doesn’t take into account guns bought by private parties or by people whose concealed handgun permit allows them to bypass NICS when buying a gun. So add at least 10% or more to those numbers.
    And yes, there are a LOT of new gun owners, including minorities and otherwise liberal leaning folks. Our shooting academy is backlogged for months, demand for defensive pistol and concealed carry classes, private lessons and range time is huge right now. I hope some of those new gun owners who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 realize he’s a better choice for gun rights than Biden and other Dems.
    Regarding new restrictions, Los Angeles gave Newsome and his little health tyrants a big “FU” on the 4th – many thousands of illegal fireworks were lit off, and the videos were awesome!
    And yeah, the media quickly lost interest in the I-5 situation when it was reveled that the supposed white supremacist driver turned out to be a black man. Although the person killed has been noted to have been a ‘non binary’ person whose preferred pronoun was ‘they’… Yup, public schooling’s pigeons are coming home to roost …

  4. All- Thanks for the comments.

    Posted from my iPhone as I wait for a sharp stick in the eye… sigh

  5. Funny that the police put up barriers on the highway to allow protestors to protest, rather than kicking the protestors off the highway. Hmmm. If it was an elevated highway, they could have re-enacted the well scene from ‘300.’ “This Is I-5!” Okay, maybe not the same level of zing as “This is Sparta!” but federal law does not allow for blockage of highways, nor does the fedgov love anything with legs on ‘their’ highway system. Fed-level DOT troopers are very unfun to deal with.

    As to gun sales, it has been said that a Conservative is a Liberal who was (insert traumatic incident/moment/thought.) Seems a lot of liberals have been (insert traumatic incident/moment/thought) lately.

    Would be real interesting to find out exactly how the population really thinks about the DNC/Biden/socialist movement. But… I think the gun sales and empty ammo shelves answer that question quite well.

  6. Lots of new gun owners out there. Holy crap, anyone tried to buy ammo lately???????????It is now worse than after Sandy Hook in 2012

    • .45 – I went to a (more or less) local gun show Saturday (first one in reasonable range – pun intended). I got there around 1115 and went to one of my buddy’s table (had something to return to him) – he still had a fair selection of both guns and ammo and had already sold SIX guns (total – not style). Smallish show but deals were being made on both guns and ammo, prices – meh. I found the one accessory I ‘needed’ so I was a happy camper. Another show this coming weekend, will see how it fairs.
      NOTE – the bigger shows here already cancelled thru August…………:-(

  7. On the interstate Protesters i would like to see a group of semis side by side across the whole of the interstate approaching the protesters at highway speed. I would love to see them stand there and protest. Moral of the story do not block Public Thoroughfares. On the gun issue. i am glad to see all the new gun owners I hope they get some training on when and how to use it. Hats off to the Missouri couple they need a few classes in the correct self defense use of guns. Loved the balls hated the tactics. All this stupidity going on gave me a kick in the ass though I realized it is time to upgrade my tactical equipment what I have is 30 years old when I dug my steel pot out of the garage lately. I do not know about any body else but I have gotten so frustrated at this BS. I have to stop watching the news for a while.

  8. Beans- Point!

    .45- Yeah, sigh… Even the online folks are out.

    Sabre- Concur!

    Ed- And not tied to the protests, right?

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    A lot of new gun owners is a good thing and more people are waking up(I hope) to the toxicity of the democratic party.

  10. Such a scandal.

    I feel sorry for “Sunny” who was killed by an out of control African on I 5, I really do. She was just doing what her professors told her to do.

    Those Marxist murderers should be shot.

    This is way outta hand.