Yeah, about those pipelines…

The nation may be awash in oil and natural gas, but U.S. pipelines are running on fumes after three high-profile conduits ran aground in 24 hours, the victims of Obama-appointed judges and regulatory uncertainty under the possibility of a climate-woke Biden presidency.

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Pipelines go away and you’re back to rail and trucks to move product. Costs will go up and availability will go down significantly. And if the gas pipelines go the same way, good luck getting natural gas to your stove or heater…

Some sheriffs have had enough with the protesters and threats.

Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels is sparking conversations over social media on how he’d handle riots in his county limits.

“I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county,” Daniels said in the video posted on the Clay County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.

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And it’s nice to see another sheriff standing up to the state.

“I’m am not going to be the mask police. I’m not going to enforce mask policy to where my deputies stop people and say, ‘Put your mask on.’ That’s not going to be the case. It’s out of control and if people want to wear a mask then they should be able to wear a mask and if not they shouldn’t,” Sheriff Jones said.

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Worst Apocalypse Ever… is funny as hell, link HERE.


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  1. That link has some great snark encased – great attitude.

    Now show me your ‘Scared Face’ !! :^)

  2. Wait until those tankers start derailing in big cities or the trucks jack-knife and start hitting bridge abutments in the same.

    Then they will be screaming for the pipelines to start back up.

    It isn’t like we have the technology to teleport the stuff. Pipelines may leak every once in a while, but not like 150 tanker cars filled with LP, lying on their sides in Chicago would.

  3. Agree with Eaton Rapids there — the ignorance of the decision to force fuel transport onto rail and truck transport rather than pipeline is just incredible. It’s not as though it will stop flowing. And the selfishness of the people conned into filing the suits is just appalling. But that is the way of so many today — and the combination of ignorance and selfishness is what’s driving so much of what’s happening. Not surprising though — decades of preaching “me first” and refusing to educate people… sow the wind, and inherit the whirlwind.

  4. “Pipelines go away and you’re back to rail and trucks to move product. Costs will go up and availability will go down significantly.”

    It’s an intentional feature not a bug.

    • I read that during the Obama years, the Warren Buffet’s BNSF was earning $1 Billion/year transporting oil via tank car trains. That transportation was dependent upon Keystone XL pipeline not being approved (and now turned off). “Campaign contributions” apparently work.

      Also, Environmental concerns weren’t a concern. Do a search for the number of BNSF tank car incidents with the corresponding leakage of oil. I remember reading a blog debate at the time of how much cleanup could have been avoided, if the Keystone XL pipeline was in operation, vs the BNSF tank car trains.

      But then, BNSF wouldn’t been the tolltaker for oil transportation because the government was blocking the pipeline.

  5. I’m wondering if the ‘environmental reasons’ that were cited were due to environmentalists attacking and causing leaks in the pipeline (like all the environmentalists setting fires in Australia to point out that climate change was going to cause… fires.)

    It will take a few weeks for the case to wander onto the desk of the circuit court review board, and expect it to be overturned quicker than a well-done flapjack. Without any media reporting on it, of course.

    As to Florida sheriffs, we do have some good ones. Sheriff Wayne Ivey in Brevard County is another, stating that the people of BC need to arm up and prepare to defend themselves. And stating that the ‘no weapons’ ordinance in county buildings was against the 2A. (well, except for schools, that’s a federal ruling.)

    Unfortunately, the sheriff where I live is a marxist feminazi, but hopefully she’ll go away come the election.

  6. The Weld County, CO Sheriff responded to current events by asking the County commissioners to lower the cost of concealed carry permits.

  7. They hate America, and so of course they don’t want us to be energy independent. Mind you, do they even get that far? More a matter of “Stick it to the Man! Stop the pipeline!”


    The sooner hippies are washed clear of the public forum the better. Sayn.