Sometimes it’s the ‘little things’ that take you back…

WSF had this pic on his blog yesterday, so I ‘borrowed’ it, since it reminded me of growing up when this was legal and the fact that we used to shoot feral animals from the back of one when we were teenagers…

I truly want to find a 55 or 56 Ford F-100 to restore, that was the last truck my daddy had.

The other thing was seeing kids playing in a sprinkler yesterday afternoon, and two boys, twelve and thirteen came knocking on the door about mowing my yard for $30. And the younger one wincing when the older one said $30 (It’s a big yard). I can still do it myself, but that brought back memories of being that age and mowing yards for $2.00 a yard and happy to get it. They said so far this year they’ve saved over $200 apiece mowing and I told them to keep it up!

And lastly…

It’s not homemade peaches and ice cream, but that too takes me back. Good fresh freestone peaches, sliced and dumped straight in the bowl! At least this time, I didn’t have to crank that old ice cream maker while dumping in salt and ice.

This really does look a LOT like the ones (I think there were three or four) we used at the family get togethers… And all of us kids took a turn on the cranks until we were wore out and one of the adults would come by and finally say we were done!

And we ate ALL of it, and whomever was cranking last got to lick the beaters!!!


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  1. I used to have a ’53 Chevy pickup. I loved that old truck but one day I needed the money more than the truck and sold it. Wish I still had it.

  2. I still have a ’70 Chevy C10, stepside longbed, bought it new for the farm in ’70, which I use from time to time — all stock and runs just fine. Bought it new. And no, you can’t have it. And an ice cream freezer, just like the one you pictured. They work fine!

  3. I was the designated slave of my family. I always got “that” end of the stick. But I did get to have the ribs. That’s what I called the beaters.

    Learned to drive in a late 50’s Apache. Three on the tree, and Armstrong Steering.

  4. I don’t recall the make, but just like STxAR I learned to drive on a three on the tree pickup with manual steering.

    We didn’t have an ice cream maker, but I do remember once the store bought ice cream came home with a chunk of dry ice, and my dad said, “Don’t touch this stuff”, and then he dipped a spoon into hot coffee and put the spoon onto the dry ice. A few seconds later the coffee was frozen.
    He was a great teacher.

  5. I put that snap on FB yesterday and my cousins are having fun with it. Hand cranked ice cream? Been there, done that. At one gathering all the ice cream was eaten by the time I put everything away and got to the buffet. I was not pleased!

  6. Did that & churned butter as well. Those were better times, for sure.I mowed very large yards for a couple bucks, & worked all day , in tobacco for $3.00 , a day !!!

  7. All- Thanks for the comments, and learned to drive on the farm in a 53 Dodge PowerWagon. 4 speed, granny low was so slow you could get out and walk beside it. And yes, Armstrong steering! I couldn’t get the wheel turned fast enough once, and it climbed about 3 feet up a tree!

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  8. The Ford trucks had that indestructible inline six-cylinder engine that continued in service in one form or another into the 90’s.
    I agree… there’s something wonderful about those wonderful old “three on the tree” trucks that you could fix with a hammer, pliers, and a roll of baling wire.
    But the ’55?
    Remember, it had a 6-volt system! Go with a ’56?

    • Oh yeah; the venerable 300 CI in-line six. Talk about an engine you could service in the field! You could drop the oil pan and change the crank bearings or oil pump without even having to jack the truck up, let alone remove the engine! You could pretty much stand inside the engine compartment to work on the top end of things, too.

  9. wow you really hit the memory switch for me, although it isn’t ever too far off. Every single thing you mentioned and especially the 56 F100. My Dad had the same and even the color of the one you posted. I also want that same pick up for myself.

  10. I encourage the kids to play in the sprinkler and enjoy water guns.

    Have you seen the new water balloon systems? You screw this octopus looking thing onto the hose bib, turn on the water, and it fills about 20 balloons in one go. And it seals them, too! I have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, it’s a cool little invention, on the other, it’s more instant gratification the kids don’t need.

  11. Yeah… “they” outlawed riding in the bed i California in the 70’s after a pickup with NINE PEOPLE in the bed flipped over on a freeway. …You just can’t fix stupid… so they elected one “governor…”

  12. All- Appreciate the comments, and sadly, I can’t afford one today… $80K for a 56!!! And yes, you could fix them easily!

    Water balloons, quick fun for kids!

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  13. Water balloon fights with the kids is a lot of fun, even when you are in your sixties.

  14. I remember bailing 110 pounds bales of hay for $3.00 per day hot dry and dirty work. But I learned the value of a dollar

  15. Rickey- Yep, I did that, except for ‘free’ on my uncle’s ranch… I got room and board. Sigh