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As we said yesterday on the FB livestream, here’s the link for the anthology Lawdog and I are in.

First up is ‘our’ anthology! SPOTREPS – A Maelstrom Rising Anthology

Authors include-  Peter NealenLarry CorreiaJL CurtisMike MassaBrad Torgersen, James Rosone, Mike Kupari, Steven Hildreth Jr., D. Lawdog, Chris Hernandez, Jonathan LaForce, and David Reeder.

Click on the cover for the Amazon link! It officially drops on the 14th.

The blurb-

The World Order is Crumbling…

…And only a handful stand in the breach.

But should they defend the status quo, or destroy it?

The Triarii were founded to hold the line, to fill in the gaps where order was breaking down in the US, and then overseas as what looks very much like World War III breaks out. But they aren’t the only ones.

Many men and women can see what’s coming. And they’re pissed.

From the Stateside unrest to peacekeeping missions abroad, to mercenary operations in Africa and South America, twelve authors bring their talents to the Maelstrom Rising series. Twelve stories of action, combat, and intrigue set against the backdrop of a new kind of World War.

The future of war is amorphous and dirty.

Are you ready?

You’ll love this military fiction anthology, because when some of the best thriller writers in the business get down to it, the action and the tension won’t stop until the last page!

Get it now.

It’s going to be fun!!! I’m looking forward to reading this one myself!!!

Laura Montgomery is next up with the third book in her Martha’s Sons series- Under the Earthline

The blurb-

With only a slender hold on their alien world, human settlers from a marooned starship inhabit a single terraformed valley. As technology frays, as the second generation of settlers cannibalizes its past, and as the governor cancels elections again, tension grows between the city and the western farms.

One Dawe son dead, one in exile, and Thaddeus Dawe now slated to serve as a hostage for his younger brother’s crimes, Thaddeus has a task. He must locate the colony’s last terraseeder for the secret enclave another brother works to carve from the northern wilderness. But with the governor’s men harboring no love for Dawes, and First Landing’s bureaucracy and its preeminent practitioner having other plans, Thaddeus is not the only one whose life is at risk.

A tale of adventure, loyalty, and love.

Laura writes excellent science fiction with a soupcon of love thrown in!

Next up is another anthology, this one is YA and Bernadette Durbin is in it- Fantastic Schools Volume 1

The blurb-

Have you ever wanted to go to magic school? To cast spells and brew potions and fly on broomsticks and—perhaps—battle threats both common and supernatural? Come with us into worlds of magic, where students become magicians and teachers do everything in their power to ensure the kids survive long enough to graduate. Welcome to … Fantastic Schools.

Follow a girl trying desperately to find her place in a school of dark magic, a band of witches desperate to prove they can be as good as the wizards, a school of magical monsters standing between the evil one and ultimate power, a businesswoman discovering the secrets of darkest evil … and what happens when a magical education goes badly wrong.

Follow us into worlds different, magical …

… And very human.

These stories are similar to what Harry Potter became, and are a takeoff on the ‘British Boarding School’ type of story (adventures that children get into when sent off to school). So safe for the kids!

And a bleg- If you’ve read my latest MilSF The Rift, honest reviews would be appreciated. It’s stalled at only 36 reviews and I’d like to get it to 50 reviews to get a bump from Amazon.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Anthology now ordered.

    Speaking of British Boarding School stories, I recommend Kipling’s series of Stalky & Co. books. You can get them for free on both Amazon and Project Gutenberg with a bit of digging.
    They are well worth reading.

  2. I went to review The Rift, but I already did! I hope you get the 50 reviews soon. Very enjoyable read. Waiting for the next.

  3. I had to check that I had not already reviewed it. Had not, so there’s a fresh 5-star review in the pipeline.

  4. I ordered the Anthology pronto after you talked about it on FB.
    Though not really in the know with the crowd on the live FB stream, I’m enjoying the heck out of it.