An interesting perspective…

From a gent I served with in the military who has seen this before in another life…

I was raised in Cuba where the government sent mobs of people to your house to protest and assault you and try to destroy you because you did not agree with the philosophy of the government. The police would back up the low lives that did this.
The Chinese before Mao did the same as did Hitler and the Bolsheviks.
They would hurt or kill you and nothing happened to the killer or killers.
Now I see the exact same thing happening here backed up by DEMOCRATS and LIBERAL traitors to the Republic.
These BLM and ANTIFA among other Progressive organizations have the same power under the auspices of SOCIAL JUSTICE (by the way, the same reasoning of the Nazis and COMMUNISTS) to destroy hurt and kill innocent people who can’t defend themselves. No difference on what happened in 1911, 1940, 1958 among other dates and now.
The difference here is that the American people see what is going on and know what to do. That is why you see cars running through these assholes blocking traffic and the purchase of massive amounts of weapons continues.
The silent majority is about to draw the line in the sand and believe me, neither the idiots rioting nor the traitors in government want what is coming.
You will lose and will be exterminated at the end. The same thing you want to do to us.
So people pay attention to every sign and your surroundings; do not allow anyone to stop you in any streets. Hit the accelerator and get out of the area. Arm yourself to the teeth, in your house and outside. Network with people like you and stay in touch; back each other up.
Stand your ground when you can unless your safety is in jeopardy and remember that there are a lot more of us that know what the hell we are doing than of them. We will survive this and the Republic will flourish after we are done with the cancers of our society.
God Bless America our way of life and our President.

He became a proud American citizen and joined the Navy, doing a full career before retiring.


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  1. IMO, we are seeing all this turmoil for two reasons. First, these tactics have worked in other places and times. Two, it is all they have to work with; the last shot in the locker so to speak. They see four more years of President Trump, and know they are doomed. Their allies? The crooks that have had free rein for years see jail in their future.

  2. The quality of their foot soldiers is the tell. Most of the ones making trouble are crack heads and druggies, welfare slobs, and low end blacks. The peaceful ones are partying homosexuals, college kid marxists, elderly hippies that never got over the 60’s and other greasy degenerates. The civil war will be brief.

  3. might i add, there are likely a few dozen trained/ motivated leaders. there are likely a few hundred cadre and a couple thousand ground level muckrakers. a few thousand more disgruntled libtards upset they haven’t been handed the successful life they were promised since they were born. in a country of 320 MILLION. the media makes it look like we are outnumbered. my little podunk county put 3k asses in the seats for a committee meeting, on a weekday, during the day, out of a population of 6k. we are NOT outnumbered and we’re sure as hell not outgunned, not even by the government. stay frosty but relax, we got this.

  4. The tactics of Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and every other leftist dictator and junta, and even back to the French Revolution.

    First, attack the government and keep it from being effective.

    Then blame the government for not being effective.

    Get put into power so that the new people can be effective.

    Suddenly, all the lack of effectiveness caused by constant attacks by leftist thugs of the junta go away and the leaders say, “See, We told you we would be more effective than the previous government.”

    Kinda like what many democrat mayors and governors are doing today.

  5. In the series The Man in The High Castle, the Nazis do the same, claiming anything that happened before Year Zero or today does not count. Anyone who objects commits treason.

    Sound familiar?

  6. It’s kind of amazing to be called a “racist asshole” for holding the ideas that would get one called a “radical” not that long ago. (Those ideas? “Equality under the law, regardless of color, seems like a good idea. Let’s try it.” is the Big One.)

  7. The silent majority is about to draw the line in the sand and believe me, neither the idiots rioting nor the traitors in government want what is coming.

    Pissing in the wind (as all sailors know) is a decidedly bad idea. It comes back and drenches you. And that’s what it coming to them.

  8. Mountains of skulls and rivers of blood, people. That’s what’s coming. The only question remains whose cracked skulls they are going to be – ours or the enemies of our nation.

    Choose wisely. Act accordingly. Follow the logic to the bitter end.

  9. “The difference here is that the American people see what is going on and know what to do.”

    I pray that’s right.

  10. The line that says, Some people just need killin’, comes to mind…