Is this where we are???

Worth many thousand words…

Please do that… PLEASE!!! 🙂

And this one echoes my sentiments toward 2020…



Is this where we are??? — 13 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Ramirez is the best, and the other one with the antifa cartoon at the Dr office is soo true and 2020 is on the downward slope……………………….

    • The Ramirez cartoon is from 2017 but is just as true today.

    • Me also, it pretty much sez it all. 2020 has been a Chinese “May You Live In Interesting Times” curse from the get-go.

  2. Meh. Meth-gators don’t scare me. It’s Florida, where we have Spice Zombies, Meth-hobos, Fentanyl-freaks and others. The way I see it, meth-gators will just prune the pharmaceutically-challenged and as to the rest, well, we-uns down he-ah in Florida are allowed to own and shoot guns, unlike the McCloskys, so as long as the local Fish & Wildlife Officer doesn’t catch us, we-uns down he-ah in Florida are good to go on shooting dino-druggies. Remember, practice SSS when shooting! (Or, yeah, call F&W and have them come get the darned 4-legged monstrosity, dangit, because for some strange reason unless the damned thing is actually actively chomping on you it is somehow illegal to shoot one. I blame it on the influence of all those damned Yankees from NY and NJ that now infest Miami, Broward and Dade areas like pythons in the Everglades.)

  3. Beans – tell the carpetbaggers that free-range luggage is 60% off this week. Go *over there* and pick out the one they want.

    OK, it might take a month of sales.

  4. Hi Jim, Just saw on the evening news that a USN ship had an explosion on board and a bad fire. Seen anything about that ? Looked like and LPHthrough the smoke.

    Also all these ass clowns who run the States (miseducation, indoctrination camps) They are all freaking out , because all their little prospective commies might learn things at home, or out in life, that goes against the last 40-50 years
    of bull shit they have been force feeding our kids!
    Example: Who were the combatants in the French-Indian Wars? Ask that of. any college or even worse , past grads.. right on down to todays Jr High-High schools kids! Do they still teach US History ? Come on now, let’s have someone younger than 35-40 years old answer the question!

  5. PK- Yep… LOL

    Ev- It’s the Bonnie Dick (Bonhomme Richard). 18 injured, apparently started from welding on the well deck. I don’t think ANY of them could answer that question. Re the Seven Years War (I learned it that way), was French vs. Brits over Pittsburg as it is now known, and was the first ‘loss’ for George Washington.