They ‘said’ it was about Confederate generals…

But they took down Harriet Tubman, Columbus, Frederick Douglass and an elk…

And now this…

A Virgin Mary statue outside Saint Peter Parish in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood was set on fire on July 11, 2020.

Full article, HERE.

And they’ve vandalized St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. And this happened Saturday!

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported Saturday morning that deputies were called at about 7:30 am to Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala, which was set aflame while parishioners inside prepared for morning Mass.

Full article, HERE.

Folks, I’d suggest you start looking at your hole cards. S**t is about to get interesting…



They ‘said’ it was about Confederate generals… — 15 Comments

  1. Deliberately burning down a such a building when known to be occupied would be an escalation. But the criminal could be a lone nutjob. If he is tied to BLM, that would seem to be an escalation in MO, or someone who for once isn’t acting on the central playbook.

    So, very concerning, but not shown to be as much as I was afraid it would be.

    • Last I heard, the guy in FL was a nutjob who got off his meds. Still not good, and why he picked a church instead of something else remains a question. I’m also curious about the fire in Mission San Gabriel in CA.

    • Who cares if it’s a lone nutjob? Every single time it’s somebody allegedly on “our side”, it’s blamed on all of us, no matter what the evidence later shows.

      Blame it all on them. Sauce, goose, gander.

  2. Was thinking this morning about selling a couple ounces of gold, just to get some other debt off the table. Now thinking maybe I won’t.

    • This, this peeves me off, especially the link shows story after story of Catholic churches under attack. Times like these makes getting rid of the Orders Militant seem to be a big mistake.

      Wonder what a modern Templar, Hospitaler or Lazarian rig-out would look like.

      Maybe the Knights of Columbus can armor up.

      And… Marion County? For the most part, Marion C. is pretty conservative, with only a smattering of leftist fruitcakes (as most of those live in neighboring Alachua County.) If stuff like this happens in a conservative location, I can’t even begin to imagine what left-wing locations look like (and I am sure the newsies are doing their darnedest best to not tell us.)

      Arise Orders Militant! If you already aren’t armed, sell your cloak and buy a sword (or modern equivalent.)


      As to the ‘subject’ being schizophrenic. Nice that he told the cops that he was. Funny thing about being schizo, if you are aware enough that you are, you are usually aware enough to not follow impulses. So this jackalope is using ‘mental illness’ (as if anyone had any doubt, but he’s just labeling it instead of saying Antifa or some other mental disorder) as a cop out to fulfill his own desire to kill and destroy.

      Verily, I doth believe the forces of the Morningstar are mobilized.

      (On a side note, ever notice the largest vegan not-meat seller is a company called… Morningstar? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?)

  3. I know it doesn’t sound “practical”, but the unhinged left are demonically influenced, actively or passively.
    Attacking the left without engaging in prayer is like pulling the stem and ignoring the root.
    This is spiritual warfare.

  4. The phrase, “Some people just need killn'” comes to mind…

  5. It was never ‘about’ the rebel statues – they were just an obviously ‘convenient’ starting point.
    Look at what is happening to the ‘Redskins’ – that is the culmination of decades long ‘activism’. No telling what the next targets will be.
    And there are still folks that ‘believe’ this is all spontaneous because of the tragic death (not yet adjudicated as a ‘murder’ in a court of law) of a single black man.

  6. Gomez- Interesting that you raised the ‘Skins. Funny, but in 2016 when they did a poll of the Indian tribes, something between 60-70% LIKED the name.

    • I was exiled to Redskins land on my what turned out to be twilight tour – all told over 7 years so have a ‘bit’ of knowledge about how radical their fans can be:-)
      A couple at the church I attended had ‘mixed’ marriage – she was a die hard skins fan and he a Cowboys fan – I kept telling them those mixed marriages never work out – at the time they had managed around 40 years together.
      And the support numbers you cited were likely low.