A view from the pyramids…

Pyramids are used for many things…

There is the food pyramid, Maslow’s Hierarchy, and probably dozens more. But I want to focus on just two of them.

Science vs. ‘other’…

First, one has to understand what a Falsifiable Claim is- A falsifiable claim is one for which there is some observation (or set of observations) we could make that would show us that the claim is false. If we did make this observation, essentially we’d have to conclude either that the claim in question was false, or that our observation was a bad one.

An example is- All swans are white. If people had never seen a black swan, their observation, based on THEIR experience would be correct within those limited data sets. In the wider data set, that observation would be incorrect.

All one has to do is look at the climate data debate, or the latest refutation of data by the Lancet over WuFlu data to see that experiments must be objective, reproducible, and if statistical, have strong evidence to back them up. Statistical significance means 100 or more iterations of whatever is being tested.

Much of what is currently going on is sadly down in the bottom blocks and everyone can come up with plenty of examples of that…

Why is this important right now? Let’s look at the other pyramid…

This is the revolutionary pyramid. At the minimum, we are at the black YOU ARE HERE point.  When you add in the world-wide pressures, the lack of direction in many states, the ‘questionable’ science (see above) that is being thrown around, the pushes to defund, to cancel schools (for the children, who are the LEAST susceptible), the ‘questionable’ science (see above) that is being thrown around, and whatever is going on in your particular area. Some think we’re even higher up the pyramid with the defund the police, the pushes by certain governors to keep people locked down, and the fear/hatred of the military/

In either case America is in trouble. The divisiveness has gotten to the point that is, in my opinion, nearing what existed just prior to the Civil War. The media and their acolytes, both in and out of government and science are using the bully pulpits of the media, farcebook, Twit, etc. to foment even more hate and discontent.

And the ‘fact checkers’ out there are so biased left as to be useless if one actually has any common sense. What is being done is that conservative voices are being drowned out, regardless of ethnicity, or location. To whit Hong Kong (while not directly our problem, it is endemic of the state of freedom under an oppressive regime).

On the other side of the coin, gun sales are at an all time high, with another ammunition shortage, as people scramble to get what they can while they can. People are tired of the rioting and are starting to take matters into their own hands, especially when they fear for their lives. When people get worried, they hunker down, wait, and watch.

What people are missing is that is beginning to happen more and more. People are dropping out of/off of any kind of media and reaching out via other means to stay in touch with like minded folks.

Between now and November, it’s going to be interesting to watch…

Ammo.com has a good article, Constitutional Republic vs. Pure Democracy: How the U.S. Election Process Has Changed, up HERE.

It’s worth the time to read it as it goes deep enough to give folks an idea of where we are, where some want to take the county, and how they want to do it…

Comments appreciated as always!


A view from the pyramids… — 14 Comments

  1. We didn’t vote our way into this. We’re not going to vote our way out of it.

    The Left respects only power. Power is force. Force is violence.

  2. Hubby and I have been discussing the “unrest”. It’s so strange to hear/see this on the news while living in another country.

  3. We are at the point of Marxist Revolution where the goal is to break the existing government and then point at the breakage and say “See, the government is broken. We can do better.”

    So, two steps above your “You are here” but maybe not the red ellipse, maybe.

    Your comment on the scientific pyramid is very spot on. My wonderful wife gets caught up on the reporting of the Covidiocracy, how numbers are climbing and deaths are rising and such. Which I have to shovel the correct articles under her nose to calm her down. More tests now than ever, every positive (even false positives) counted as a new case, overall deaths down significantly (no longer meeting the CDC’s definition of pandemic/epidemic) and the whole bullscat of ‘ICUs full of dying people, morgues full of dead people, no supplies everywhere.’

    It’s really fun (not) to show her youtube and tic-tok videos of hospital staff having the time to practice dance moves and other life-saving movements while in full PPE that can only be used once before disposal, you know, that rare PPE that is in such critically low numbers…

  4. A couple of thoughts —

    straight democracy could lead to a second Civil War. Not N/S but E/W against the middle.

    Second — any time you want to join the Commonwealth ….

  5. I dunno about you guys… but I can’t stand the mass media anymore. Nor can I tolerate liberals and leftists anymore. They aren’t worth the hassle…

    • It’s getting to where i am tired of so many “conservatives” trying to make a name for themselves in the battle on social media.
      “like me!” “Follow me!”
      It’s fragmenting the cohesiveness of the struggle.

      • There was never cohesiveness of the struggle on ‘our’ side.

        The opposition’s side is the state cult of the Soviet Union, and all the grifters and monsters that find it convenient to suck up to it. That can be a little cohesive.

        At the voter level, we have various sorts of broken, stubborn, and full of foresight, who don’t join the left out of expedience, or who have calculated that pretending to support the left isn’t the actual path of long term expedience. At the media level, those are joined by media voices who calculate ‘under served market’, or who inherit the affiliation, or who ‘know’ that public figures have to never say un PC things if, no matter how angry or what one’s personal values say. At the political officials level, add in the false flags, the traitors, the careerists, and the power hungry lunatics.

        The left has many obnoxious behaviors that we should not emulate, the right is people who oppose a selection of them. This includes people whose views on opposing behavior A, the only one they care about, are incompatible with other people’s views on opposing behavior B. We paper over to this because the left often demands submission without discussion, and there are people on the right who are willing to stand up for debating issues.

        Consider the level of common ground between people whose answer to the problems of the war on crime/poverty/drugs is “dehouse them, and make the rubble bounce”, and those who think that we are using excessive force in pursuit of a futile object. Both of these voices can be authentically right. The first can oppose the left’s insistence on granting the privileges of civilization to those who refuse the responsibilities of civilization. The second can oppose the left’s insistence on hitting problems harder with a bigger bureaucratic hammer.

        The appearance of a working consensus was false, and we have lost nothing in knowing that the right is/will experience a ‘civil war’. It will suck, but a lot of the factions probably deserve the losses they will incur. The people of stature on the right who are talking about purging their opposition from the movement, or of the necessity of the same, probably have a loss of popularity coming to them.

        ‘The struggle’ is how the left reifies their collective activities. It is part of practicing leftism as religion.

        I deny that we can or should transpose that religious activity to the right. I deny that ‘we’ can get any real benefit from having our group activities as a ritual.

        My answer is that I must live my life as an individual, per my own values. If that results in political disappointment for the left, that is God’s will. If the left succeeds, and murders me as part of solidifying rule, maybe that is also God’s will. The facts that will decide which of those occur are in the hearts of very many people, and not my business to control.

  6. The new factor is the digital age and the instantaneous transfer of information/disinformation. Beyond making that statement, I’m not predicting any outcome.

  7. Frank- Point, and I’ll pass. I like my guns… 😉

    Glen- Concur!

    Ed- Are you really surprised?

    WSF- Yep, you’re right.

    Bob- Agreed…