You just gotta laugh…

Spotreps went live this morning, HERE.

And the FIRST review was a one star…

Nealen’s previous books had their share of magic naxalts, but his civnattery has turned to clown world. ‘murrica, in this anthology, is the land of hispanic gangbangers, evilnotsee white nationalists, black panthers, and the good guys – hispanics and blacks and ‘goofy’ white boys wearing the magic uniform. There’s no sense of honor or a cause, and the evil is . . . wait for it . . . zomg marxism and communism. His noble good guys (righteous because Nealen and the other authors imagine people like them back in the day) are the only thing holding back chaos in the streets – by providing chaos and forcing some one to take a stand. The only thing they dislike is disorder. I just can’t read this crap anymore.

For those that didn’t know what NAXALT was (I had to go look it up)… It stands for Not All (X) Are Like That – NAXALT

Now there are a few pretty good writers in it- Peter NealenLarry CorreiaJL CurtisMike MassaBrad TorgersenJames RosoneMike KupariSteven Hildreth Jr.D. LawdogChris Hernandez, Jonathan LaForce, and David Reeder. So I kinda doubt ALL of us were off the mark…

The blurb should tell people it’s NOT PC… Sigh…

The World Order is Crumbling…

…And only a handful stand in the breach.

But should they defend the status quo, or destroy it?

The Triarii were founded to hold the line, to fill in the gaps where order was breaking down in the US, and then overseas as what looks very much like World War III breaks out. But they aren’t the only ones.

Many men and women can see what’s coming. And they’re pissed.

From the Stateside unrest to peacekeeping missions abroad, to mercenary operations in Africa and South America, twelve authors bring their talents to the Maelstrom Rising series. Twelve stories of action, combat, and intrigue set against the backdrop of a new kind of World War.

The future of war is amorphous and dirty.

Are you ready?

You’ll love this military fiction anthology, because when some of the best thriller writers in the business get down to it, the action and the tension won’t stop until the last page!

Seems like we’re doing pretty well though as of 8pm last night…

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,677 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Anyway, if you want to read some good short stories by a few friends, go get this one. I think you’ll enjoy it! And please post an honest review if you do pick it up!

Thank you!


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  1. I’ll note that the 1 star review isn’t by a “verified purchaser”. So what are the chances it was already written boilerplate, written in response to the name of Peter Nealen?

    The 5 star reviews are by “verified purchasers”, and their reviews sound like they have read the book.

    • I was wondering about that too… anybody like that with some sense would know enough to not buy the book in the first place!

  2. Maybe something got whole milk instead of soy in xzir-ever’s decaf latte?

    The 1 star review is a great reason to buy and enjoy.

    • You *do* understand that the reviewer was a White Power type complaining that the book was too librul and diverse, right?

  3. “… have had their share of magic NAXALTS …”

    Wouldn’t denying the truth of the existence of NAXALTS be the same as asserting that, in fact, All (X) ARE Like That?

    And wouldn’t making that assertion be, you know, RACIST?

  4. That one star review made me want to buy that book so badly that I just did.

  5. Not a good time for me to try to read this, so probably won’t get it yet.

    I can imagine stories that could be interpreted in a way that fits the choice of words in that review. I am curious about what the stories are actually like, because the most possible path of interpretation, if the review is sincere, makes it seem like the guy reads with his head firmly placed somewhere.

  6. What I find interesting is how he refers to Nealen’s prior books as chock full of ‘magic naxalts’.

    Which to me says all sorts of interesting things about how he views, uh, ‘diversity’.

  7. One star review made me want to buy it also but I’m trying to be frugal, then I discovered …



    I keep thinking about cancelling my KU account to save the $10 a month, and then another author pops up for me to binge read until the end of the current monthly subscription. THEN I’ll cancel it. 🤔

  8. Congratulations on offending somebody right off the bat! I wish more of my books achieved that.

  9. All- Thanks for the compliments and the buys… Margaret- You’re too nice to offend… 😉

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Today’s authors are caught between two rocks and a hard place. The kids coming up are woke to wokeness and will oppose it wherever they see it. They are schooled on the “woke” crowd, who see nothing as vibrant or diverse enough, and whose own writings are often stale, recycled derivative social justice lectures set in sci-fi or fantasy.

    I can see where they are coming from. Their comic books have been pozzed by homosexuals, feminists, Marxists and race baiters as we all have seen when they change the race and genders of their favourite characters. I think I saw something awhile back where Marvel’s new superheroes are queers, obese women of colour and SJW’s. The majority of the customers hate it and I see their point.

    I haven’t read any of the books but I have bought and thrown out enough. The cast of characters are picked so that all races are represented, the heroes are feminist cankles, sexual degenerates or blatant politically correct SJW’s, and the thing reads like a boring derivative of the same books being endlessly recycled – where this new genre is just the same stuff with different races. For the record I can’t read that shite anymore either.

    I’d give my left arm for an original work, with believable characters, and an end to this formulaic politically correct dreck that has become the rule rather than the exception in modern writing.

    FWIW, I am not trying to be a jerk or point fingers at anyone, and I know I couldn’t do as well as most authors out there today. But if I could… I would be on it in a heartbeat.

    • Yup. This is what I call ‘phantom demographic chasing’. Because social media has an outsized effect WAY out of kilter to the actual voices, corporations think they’re facing a massive movement when in reality it’s closer to a bowel movement.

      As a result, you see boneheaded decision making, such as Marvel’s ‘nu-Warriors’ who were roundly ridiculed, or repeated attempts to rewrite various heroes as LGBT (which just pisses off everyone).

    • You’d be hard-pressed to call any of my stuff “politically correct.”

      Is it “diverse?” No more than the Special Operations field itself is. We really don’t give two shits what color your skin is, if you can hang.

      • Again, no offense AP. None of my rant was aimed at any of you guys here.

        But this shite is going too far. I had heard that they are slotting women into outfits like the Rangers and some of the other special ops outfits, and if true – I don’t care who it offends… but I think that is a darned bad idea…

  11. Glen- Trust me, you’re not getting woke ANYTHING from our crowd…

    Toast- Excellent point!

    AP- Concur. Same for the Navy. All Navy Blue (even the guys in green)… 😉

  12. Ordered, along with the other books in the Maelstrom series (including the pre-order). Some good mil-sf sounds right tasty today.