Interesting things…

This one came over the transom from the mil email network…

Apparently being put out by Pantifa…

So look deeper in the protesters to find the leaders and go after them… And the back line watches.

And in the Truth is Stranger than Fiction category, we have this…

Burger King is rolling out its latest pitch to environmentally conscious eaters: patties made from cows fed with a lemongrass diet to help eliminate methane releases from the animals.

Full article, HERE.

Um… it’s not grown here for other that ornamental or food use. And there is no ‘path’ to get it here in enough volume to actually be useful. OBTW, it also grows to a height of up to 2-4 FEET high in areas where conditions mimic the tropical habitat of their origin. Plants like lots of heat, light, and moisture in rich, loamy soil.



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  1. Hmm. All the device IDs/SIM cards show up for admins and super-users at the cell service providers and applications – with geospatial and time tags, too. Does make you wonder what/who turns up, with a warrant to carriers for disclosure of all traffic for cells XXXXX and subcells on said date and time periods. If it’s good enough for lawfare, it’s good enough for the good guys.

  2. Wondering when cell-phone jammers will become part of the police response? Eliminate or slow the flow of information.

    Or, as PsychoK said, pull down all active cell information in the riot area, though that’s a lot of information to wade through.

    And the infographic says it all. Whomever put that out is employing the PLO/Hamas method of ‘peaceful protesting.’ The only thing missing are the actors portraying horrible attacks by the Government, though I am sure that’s already happened.

    As to BK, well, they lost me when they went all ‘fake meat.’ Now they want to import beef fed on lemon grass? Because that’s the only economical way to get enough beef on a LG diet. I’ll stick to high-test American Beef, thank you.

  3. PK- Apparently they are telling ‘peaceful protesters’ to put their phones in airplane mode or turn them off… Like that is going to work. And yes, good enough to be used.

    Beans- Concur. And I gave up on Burger King a while ago too…

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    If I was the “Good Guys” I would look for the leaders and the coms, take out the leaders then the coms. have people with optics hidden looking for their spotters relying informations to their leaders “outside the box” you know that their” will “superleaders” will not be on the ground, just the tactical guys. People think that pantifa are disorganized mobs…they ain’t. They peeled apart the Police departments in MSP and Atlanta and other cities. They have been planning this crap for a while. I am sure they have someone inside the box using light or optics to relay messages to avoid the jammers the .gov would use, they have been successful in getting inside the OODA of the police. makes me wonder if there is a mole in the popo organization relaying info to antifa because of the successes they have been having.

    • They are using cell and Baofeng portable radios. A cell jammer should not be too much of a problem to get. Scan and jam the portables could be a bigger issue, but I reckon somebody has a simple way to do it.

  5. Cows. Estimates are, beef and dairy, around 94,000,000 bovines in North America.

    Bison. Estimates are, pre 1800’s. around 60,000,000.

    For the clueless, Bison are one of five main breeds of cattle. Not only that, they fart.

  6. All- I’m pretty sure the ‘capabilities’ exist, along with other ways like teams of feds in white vans grabbing people from the back of rallies… 😉

    WSF- Yep, reality! 😀

  7. I’ve been through a gazillion-change of employees over the years at my local BK and am still waiting for an order I placed I think maybe a decade ago. That place sets a record for sloooooow service and it used to be interesting each time I was there to just watch the frustrated customers pacing back and forth waiting for their orders. I was used to it; it took me a while to get smart and just leave the place and never return. They HAVE to have a special training supplement there for how to go slow.

    • Gonna put a big Question Mark on that one. Why would any LE personnel place a person in a vehicle w/o cuffs?

  8. “By Gum Martha – what will they think of next. Fart Free Meat – We are Living in the Future !!” :^)

  9. seems to me the Israelis had the simplest solution; suppressed Ruger 10/22 on a rooftop with a spotter. Head shots on controllers and kneecap the useful idiots. Probably wouldn’t have to do more then a couple of “demonstrations” before nobody would show up when called.

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