Some assembly required…

Oops, apparently scheduler didn’t ‘schedule’ correctly…


Had some guests in from out of town, and it was my turn to cook last night.

So I did a southern dinner, from old family recipes…

Shrimp and grits with Tasso gravy and sides.

However, it takes some ‘assembly’ to actually put the plate together. But my guests were pretty accomplished eaters…

The finished product, prior to devouring.  Shrimp over cheese grits, tasso gravy, green beans with onions, seasoning, and enough bacon grease to add a little ‘taste’ to it.

It went over pretty well…


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  1. Even with the pics of glorious looking food, this post is absolutely worthless without a recipe.

    Or half a recipe and we figure out the rest if it’s a family secret.

  2. It looks like it was great.
    And what about serving the grits “Navy” style?
    Serving the grits “Navy” style means standing in a long line and then having the cook “splat” a dollop onto your tray. 🙂

  3. Standard grits (I use Quaker or stone ground if I can find them) I replace 4 cups of water with chicken broth. For an entire box of grits, I use two packages of cheese.

    Shrimp are done with Zatarain’s seasoning as appropriate.
    Green beans- Bacon grease, chop onion, baste in bacon grease. Rinse beans to get rid of the previous liquid. Once onions are soft, add beans and water to cover beans, add seasoning to taste. Medium heat for an hour, simmer for an hour.

    Tasso Gravy

    2 tablespoons unsalted butter
    1/2 pound Tasso ham (If you can’t get tasso, any good smoked ham will work), diced fine, browned with green onions in a little oil
    1 bunch green onions chopped save green tops for garnish
    3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
    1 cup strongly brewed cajun coffee
    2 cups chicken broth
    2 dashes Tabasco (or more)
    Salt and black pepper to taste

    Bring stock and coffee to boil, mix melted butter/flour like a roux. Cut into boiling liquid, add ham and green onions. Stir until thickened, lower heat and serve.

    The ‘key’ if you will, is the timing to get everything (shrimp/grits/gravy) to be ready at roughly the same time.

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