When the chickens come home to roost…

Radio host mocks Trump by claiming Seattle is peaceful, then rioters torched his apartment building

Full article, HERE.

Interesting how quickly he changed his mind…

And the ballistic beatification of the protester in Austin has begun…

Several protesters — including Foster, who was holding a rifle — approached the car, and Foster had his rifle pointed at the ground, witnesses said. The driver pointed his gun outside the window, fired several shots, then sped away, witnesses said.

Other protesters with rifles also fired shots after the driver did, said witness Julian Salazar.

First article, HERE.

AUSTIN — A 28-year-old man who was pushing his fiancée’s wheelchair at a protest in downtown Austin was fatally shot Saturday night, the couple’s families say.


“He was going to these protests because he was fighting against police brutality,” Sheila Foster said Sunday. “He was pushing her wheelchair across the intersection when this happened. Thank God she didn’t get hit.”

Second article, HERE.

And so it begins… Where does it end? I have no idea, but I’m afraid it’s NOT going to end well!


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  1. And in other news, Coopers 4th rule is broken.

    This same weekend, a Jeep drove through an anti-racism protest in Aurora, Colo., in which protesters, according to the Aurora Police Department, were on the interstate. At least one protester was shot by another protester who fired a weapon as the car drove by, and a police press release said they were unaware of any injuries from the Jeep. Fox News.

    There is video around of the incident.

  2. The jeep cherokee in question had one tire shot out but the driver wisely continued onward until clear of the communists.

    As to Austin. Wouldn’t have been hit if he wasn’t posing a threat by being there.

    Pushing a wheelchair… Puleeze!

    The crowd was lucky the driver didn’t do a mad minute with all of his ammo, both already installed and in any magazines carried. And the driver would have been quite justified in doing so.

    Been having dreams like that. Doing my business, just doing and leaving people alone, and then being thrust into taking care of Business with whatever I can get my hands on. Last night it was a brush-hook, one of those poleaxe thingies they sell in the hardware store, that I dreamed I took off of a lawn service trailer. These dreams have been going on for months now, ever since idiots have been getting frisky in the streets.

  3. @badfrog – I was going to post the sound track of the rifle firing first, and then the pistol, but already did it.

    The is going to be the next “Hands up, Don’t fire” meme. Pushing a wheelchair? I suppose next it’ll be reported he is the choir director in the local church.

    The left has discovered it doesn’t to tell the truth, as the Big Lie serves them just as well.

  4. Beans- Yep… Dreams are getting ‘inventive’…

    Mark- True!

    Bad/Steve- Still waiting to see what the investigation comes up with, but yes, that audio DOES seem to support that.

  5. On the rioter front, I’lll just observe there’s never a Napolean around when you need one.