Ye olde Kafka trap…

Straight out of the left’s playbook…

Want to know how activists in places like Portland take over roads, smash windows, light buildings on fire, and still have the press call them non-violent?

Good work from Wokal Distance via Thread Reader, HERE.

And then there’s this…

The other thing of interest is that if you ‘support’ BLM with a donation, you’re actually donating to Act Blue, which is the Obama superpac.

Buyer (or donator) beware…


Ye olde Kafka trap… — 27 Comments

  1. So, what if we offered elements of the Preamble and the Bill of Rights as equally unilateral ultimata, followed by the same uncompromising “No. Listen. Agree.” stance?

  2. The polite reply to the Kafka trap is a punch to the nose or gut.

    The impolite but more appropriate response to the Kafka trap involves a loud noise and a brief flash of light.

    An attack upon my culture is an attack upon my people. This is war.

  3. If one side of an argument is not arguing in good faith (engaging in the conversation with the possibility of changing views) then it is not an argument at all, it is just a recitation of dogma. The left has not for some time engaged in good faith argument. Same reason that the “national conversation on race” didn’t go well. They weren’t interested in a conversation, they wanted anyone who disagreed to shut up and listen to their pronouncements. When it didn’t work, they escalated. Now we are here. Your speech is violence, our violence is speech. Riots are peaceful. Federal police officers are storm troopers. Protecting federal property by arresting perpetrators is abduction by the secret police.

    As has been said many times by others, Orwell was supposed to be a warning, not a how to manual.

    • The Left hasn’t argued in good faith since before any of us were born.

      McCarthy was right. The Birchers were right. We should have hanged or deported all of them back when we were still strong and mostly in charge.

  4. Yesterday I outlined a fun little thing.

    Partly trolling with relation to this, “how do you convince a moderate in this environment that you are white supremacist to a dangerously crazy degree?”

  5. If the Silent Majority doesn’t speak up VERY LOUDLY no later than election day, we are in for a rough time. I hope the polls we are seeing are as ‘accurate’ as they were in 2016!

  6. Never thought I’d see our beloved country descend into anarchy, let alone anarchy with the approval of The Elected Ones.

    Agree with McChuck 100%!

  7. They put it superbly well, but everybody here knew all this already. What’s utterly baffling is that there are people out there (including politicians, business leaders etc. who are supposed to be good at this stuff) who really don’t seem to get it.

  8. ESR has a very good essay on Kafkatrapping in the US, and how it is used against people. I’ve read it as an inoculation against the self-hatred (shades of Mao) classes you have to attend.

    @Pete – They do get it. They are just on the other side and supporting it. You cannot have a Communist takeover without first having placed Socialist/Communist politicians in positions of power (the long march thru the institutions), to protect the “peaceful protesters”. Note that the “peaceful protests” are only occurring where the Mayor has stood down the police, and describes the Federal Marshals as ‘storm troopers’. The cannon fodder sees this, and knows there is no penalty for rioting & looting, so they go wild. Cities where the Mayor supports the police, and the police shut down these “protests” don’t have this problem.

    Here is another essay tying current events together, and I don’t see a way out of it.

  9. I often reference quotes from books, or movies, or music. And one comes to mind: “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” Applies to global thermonuclear war, narcissists, and political idealists — like those.

    • @ John: I know that movie; I use another line from it when opening my safety deposit box, which requires that my key and a bank teller’s key must both be inserted and turned.

  10. The correct response to remarks of that sort is to shrug one’s shoulders and (calmly)say, “So what?”.
    “YOU’RE A RACIST!!1!1!1!
    “so what”.
    “so what”.

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