Fact, fiction, or conspiracy theory???

I didn’t write it and don’t know who did, but the ‘reactions’ I’m seeing are a microcosm of the current divisions in ‘thought’, and I use that term loosely…

I didn’t write this but man……… Scary.

It’s not about masks. Open your mind to the POSSIBILITY……

In 4 months, the U.S. transformed into an obedient socialist country. Government dictated what events are acceptable to attend. Violent protests that instill fear are OK but church services, family funerals and patriotic celebrations are dangerous. And you bought it without a fight.

Standing in a graduation line is a “safety hazard”. Small businesses were forced to close but crowds to support the corporate money machine at WalMart, Lowes and Home Depot are OK.

Come on. It’s “just a mask” & “safety precautions”.

How about a little hush money. Here’s $2,400 that we stole out of your pay check in the first place. Enjoy. Buy something with it. From a big corporation.

Cash is dirty. We can’t give change. There’s a coin shortage. Use your card. In 4 months, they convinced you to use a traceable card for everything.

In less than 4 months, government closed public schools then “restructured” education under the guise of “public safety”. In less than 4 months, our government demonstrated how easily people assimilate to “guidelines” that have NO scientific premise whatsoever when you are fearful.

In less than 4 months, our government successfully instilled fear in a majority of the population in America that allows them to control every aspect of your life. Including what you eat, where you go, and who you see.

And the most dangerous and terrifying part? People are not afraid of the government who removed their freedom. They’re afraid of their neighbors, family and friends.


It’s absolutely terrifying to me that so many people don’t question “authority”. They are willing to surrender their critical thinking skills and independence. They just… gave up without thinking. Without a fight.

Do you know what’s coming next?
“It’s just a vaccine. Come on. It’s for the greater good”.

Wait until you’re told that you can’t enter any store or business without proof of the Covid-19 vaccine. Wait until you can’t go to public events or get on a plane without proof of receiving the vaccine.

To everyone that doesn’t believe this is possible – DO YOU UNDERSTAND that government successfully dictated to people WHEN they were allowed to be outside, where they were allowed to go, and how their children would be educated in less than 4 months? And that a majority of the population followed blindly because they were told to do so.

You’re kidding yourself if you think this behavior won’t be repeated with a vaccine. Or whatever the next step is.

6 million Jews were exterminated in Germany because 97% of the population cowered to populist control. Nobody wanted to think about it. It’s easier to just ignore it.

But that couldn’t happen here, right?

There is a truly HARD break between the CovidKarens and the rest of the country, with them screaming about masks and ignoring the reality that the survival rate is 99.4% across the entire population. Much like the arguments over HCQ, the sides are split and never the twain shall meet. I’m sick and tired of the BS…

As Lawdog said, HERE, it IS tyranny… And they are revelling in their ‘power’, and dancing on the graves of the elderly that have died because of the virus, while blaming the rest of the population for ‘causing’ it…

I do my own research, and don’t just follow what is happening here in the US, I also look overseas and follow actual scientists in other countries that are collating various reports. My choice is MY choice. Your rights stop at the end of your nose. I’ll give you six feet out of courtesy. Don’t push for more.


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  1. Do you remember back in the ’70s marveling that people in the Soviet Union needed “papers” to travel from one part of the USSR to another?

    It seemed impossible that it could happen here.

    Now we have governors mandating house arrest for travelers who come from states they don’t like.

    How can that NOT be a violation of Federal interstate commerce regulations, for one thing.

  2. The writer is exactly right. I don’t like the changes, or the number of people who don’t even think about the implications.

    I have an idea for a meme, but I haven’t looked for a good background image – anyone want to look?
    “The last time a government required people to wear pieces of cloth, it was these” with a picture of a yellow star and a pink triangle. It could be captioned at the bottom “If you don’t know what these are, blame your history teacher”

    • As I once remarked, ‘just following orders’ doesn’t sound any better in English than it does in German.

  3. I too am alarmed by what I see. I fear for my grandchildren.

  4. There is genuine fear on many masked people, of dying of the plague. I find it amusing, but disturbing at the same time. They drank the Kool-Aid and pronounced it good.

    The Vaxing comes next and nobody knows where that’s going to go. But I can see a “National Vaccination Identity Card” coming down the road.

    • Yeah, can’t have a “National Voter’s Identity Card” but sure as road apples fall from a horse’s rear or a politician’s mouth, there will be a NVIC with the V being Vaccination.

      Maybe we’ll all carry little passport-like folders that have all our important papers that we are required to have on our bodies at all times so the papers-checkers can make sure we have our papers. (Why did writing that seem like it came out with a German accent? Hmmmm…)

  5. It is 80 days to the election that will determine the fate of the country, whether it will remain the United States of America or will become the United Socialist States of America. IF it becomes the later I see another civil war. All the jokes aside that the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use, in the last several months of “peaceful protesters” we have seen a well organized, financed, and armed opposing force.

    • Not “they now want to change” but “they now have changed” the way we vote.

      Many places have gone from just ‘early voting’ (which I heartily disapprove of, as too much comes out at the last minute on any candidate and issue, like who actually is funding said candidate and issue) to ‘mail-in vote by request’ (which I screamingly hate most hatefully due to so many reasons there’s not enough space here to vent, but all pretty much comes down to ‘lack of accountability.’)

      Me? I’d have a semi-holiday. National Voting Day starts at 00:00 hours on The Day and ends at 24:00 hours. Only the sick and infirm (with doctor’s note) or those with valid reason (like travelers or military people) get to vote absentee. No vote tally is announced until the following Tuesday, which is National Vote Count Day, which gives absentee votes the time to trickle in. Or require absentee votes to be received on NatVoteDay. Either way, all voting done This Day. All votes counted That Day(starting either at 00:00 the day after Vote Day or on NatCountDay, you get the idea.)

      Voting requires a valid Voter ID Card. Which requires a valid certificate of nationalization or certificate of live birth or any other paperwork that shows you are an American Citizen. (If you need to show all that to get a Driver’s License, you can show it to get a Voter ID Card.)

      Anyone found illegally voting, or manipulating votes, losing votes, accidentally finding 12 boxes of votes in a storage shed or in their car, is immediately subject to arrest, 10 years in jail, loss of citizenship, $100,000.00 fine. With one of the three penalties must be applied if found guilty.

      Cleansing the voter rolls to be done annually, on or about President’s day. Comparison of voter roll with who’s alive or dead can be done pretty automatically these days.

      Show up. Vote with valid ID. Penalize shenanigans. Stop voter fraud.

      Heck, I’d dip my thumb into ink to prove I’ve voted.

      And… all the things I’ve said, are all things other countries have done. Why can’t we?

      • Because the Democrats cannot win a fair election based on their ideas. They must cheat to win since they know all the rubes out there cannot grasp how superior the Democrats ideas are. When they unfortunately get back into POWER, they will try to make everyone believe through coercion or kill them if they can’t.

      • I propose instead that we make use of these weaknesses they’ve introduced into our system. Make it publicly known that the “deplorables” are scheming to “steal the election” and put Trump in office for another term – and maybe even PERMANENTLY; you KNOW how these racists are – and see how long it takes for the lefties to start shrieking for better security measures and how all of a sudden the ‘beer’ virus isn’t all that dangerous after all and there’s not really likely to be a second wave so it should be safe to vote in person…

  6. All- Good points! Can’t disagree and yes Beans, I’d be happy to dip my finger too!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  7. The saddest aspect of all of this is that there is a solid percentage of the population who are not only going along with all of this but also are ‘enforcing’ our compliance with government fiats. They do not question the science or logic. I know many and they are not illiterate people. They are intelligent and informed individuals.

    Problem is with this is the political overtones that have permeated the process. Because the ‘liberal media’ has echoed all the statements of our liberal deep state authorities (Fauci, Birx) as well as the ignorant state officials (Gov. Cuomo etal) they comply and demand others do as well. We know this is all in an effort to sabotage Trump’s re-election and I suspect these people do as well but will not say so as it would invalidate their position.

    It is unconscionable that anything short of a war would be cause to give the government this much control over our lives. Giving a flu the same credence as the attack upon Pearl Harbor is folly. There are no mass deaths occurring nor are we so overburdened in our hospitals that people are lying in the gutters dying of Covid19. In fact, the opposite is true. People are surviving and the rate of fatality is lower than the seasonal flu we normally experience.

    Had Cuomo and his 4 fellow governors who all sent Covid positive patients to nursing homes not done so, the number of those who died from this would be so low no one would care. This should be the big takeaway from all of this.

    Covid19 would not be an epidemic, if the nursing homes had not been used as DEATH CAMPS by the democrats. If you cannot see that this was their plan from the start, you are in denial.

  8. I know I said something similar as trolling, but isolating Democrat voters really will prevent internet transmission of Covid 2020.

    Given the communist activity in US politics, tens of millions of murders could well result from Covid 2020.

    So, it would be pretty easy to whip up a model, and publish a scholarly paper on it.

    Anyone who could explain why we should not be locking up democratic candidates and journalists, murdering criminals, firing bureaucrats (like teachers) who are likely democrat supporters, restricting voter access to social media and bank accounts, etc., is likely providing reasons why the covid 19 restrictions are a little extreme.

  9. The Nazis could not have done what they did to the Jews had the Jews resisted.
    What’s that phrase we keep hearing about history?

  10. One thing that masks do is remove a great deal of communication between individuals, which is why this is so bad psychologically for children. So much subtle communication goes on with the face. If we dig out of this I suspect that future studies will show that one reason for the increase in violence has been mask’s interference with normal human communication.

  11. To channel my not-so-hidden inner libertarian geek:

    “A year from now, ten, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people…better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running; I aim to misbehave.” – Malcolm Reynolds

  12. We peasants need to revolt. At dinner last night like-minded folks linked up. In our state, we have at least one county in “open revolt”.
    I love the idea of the “last time the government made people wear a piece of cloth” meme. It needs to be printed and posted on the doors of Home Despot and the other big retailers – better yet just put up in the aisles.

  13. There is a very timely article up at American Thinker about Millie Walker, about a video report onbthe links between the intelligence community, intelligence contractors, and political operations here and abroad. The video was to be released Monday. She was arrested on a sealed Grand Jury warrant on Friday.
    There is a link to the video in the report.
    I was impressed with the clarity of the linking and analysis of facts and occurances made inbthe video report.
    John Sage

  14. Hey Old NFO;

    I am concerned about what will be here in 20 years, I may not be here, but my son will be here. The new generation is being conditioned to be obediant to the state, whereas the older generation with the exception of the hippies and the lefties will tell .gov to pound sand.

  15. All- Thanks for the comments. Appreciate the viewpoints presented. John- That video is ‘interesting’ to put it mildly, and doesn’t go far enough into the ‘big’ defense contractors who hold all those contracts to ‘certain’ individuals. They used to work for various TLAs, until those programs got outsourced, so they just followed the money to the new tasking.

  16. They have tasted control.
    They like it.
    They mean to have more … no matter what.
    Got ammo?