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Ran across this the year before I retired the first time. Used it for some planning tools, and later used it when I went back in 2003…

It’s an excellent breakdown by Tim Knoster of change management. I can vouch for the fact that this seemingly simple matrix works, as I’ve seen every one of the five results in real life, and we were able to track back the success/failure to the specific missing pieces.

With what is staring at us on the horizon, it’s interesting that I ran across it again. Here’s a simplified version that I’m using. Some of this is/has to be predictive, which I’ll discuss below the diagram.

Vision- Where do I want to be in X time (survive the rioting after the election)

Skills- Do I have the skills to get there (example- Shooting skills to protect myself/ability to cook/ability to care for myself)

Incentives- What do I have to motivate me (Stay alive, healthy, in one piece)

Resources- What hard/soft things do I have to execute the vision (Ammunition, adequate food stocks, place to live/store things, medications, money to buy what I need to stock)

Action plan- How to I get from where I am to where I want to be (It takes a realistic evaluation of all four of the previous items to write your plan. If any items have to be adjusted, then all five steps MUST be redone)

Here’s a simple one-

Vision- Get out of metro area (assumes leased dwelling), go to location X

Skills- Is my skillset mobile? Can I work remotely (Y/N), do I have other skills, am I physically able to move myself? Assuming those are true…

Incentive- Keep my ass alive. Get to safe place for me/family

Resources- Money- Enough to break lease and find new place, afford down payment/deposit, get rental truck (or pay for mover). Mover availability/time frame. Friends to help move out/in (if DIY)

Action plan- Find or transfer job to new location. Find rental/lease in location X with appropriate start date/arrange services start date (pay deposits if required). Determine move availability/schedule. Give notice/break lease/pay penalty/disconnect services. Get family out (if applicable) to family/friends. Get truck and friends to load truck. Drive to location X. Get friends/pay to unload truck, turn truck in. Notify family. Restart life.

This IS definitely a time of ‘change’ for better or worse. Planning ahead can literally save your life, depending on your situation. Feel free to steal and use as appropriate.



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  1. So your story from a while ago about drug gangs coming to a rural area and being met with ‘resistance’ was just a planning scenario, substituting BLM for drug gangs? 😁

  2. a) That is a very nice looking tool. Thank you.
    b) Tom, in what sense is BLM /not/ a drug gang?

  3. Very interesting chart. That explains so much. Wish I had seen that as a young man, it would have saved so much frustration and confusion, lots of resistance and anxiety.

    And your example is a valid one. It’s something we in Hurricane Zone should think about before every season, actually before even moving into a dwelling (is the dwelling above or below the surrounding terrain? is the dwelling in a flood plain? Even if it hasn’t flooded recently, is the area succeptible to flooding (FEMA 100 year flood charts are, yes, a real thing and should be looked up.) Can you survive flooding in your area? Is your area controlled by idiots (Houston, who should have lowered the surrounding water catchments before a large storm came, duh,) or corrupt idiots (the whole flood levy system in New Orleans pre-Katrina, so much money gone down the drain by corruption and incompetence and corruption and did I mention corruption?)

    Thanks for a very thoughtful article

  4. The famous quote “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” As per PAYBACKS they beat the cartel but they had help from the Marines and a huge amount of backup from community. Also they took losses. I pitty urban people who must move ( already burned out or in a bad neighborhood). The best case would be something like your daughter’s family moving to Texas or LL’s children moving to the white wolf mine. That would give them a place in the community. With all the problems and unrest I guarantee that new rural residents will be viewed with distrust. I recommend finding a church or PTA at school if possible to meet people. Also be sure to “hello the house” in the most unthreating way possible when meeting new neighbors!

  5. Tom- Uh… maybe???

    Bob- LOL

    Beans- You’re welcome.

    Howard- Very true, but at least ‘having’ a plan is better than no plan, it gives you something to deviate from… 😉

    • Agreed! Just saying that a plan that at least has some community has more chance of succeeding than a plan to go it alone

    • I’m a little serious on that one.

      Arson, plus pretty clear signs of organization, plus some murders adds up to an obvious criminal conspiracy. Okay, Anti-Fa and BLM don’t, per my lazy awareness of public sources, seem to have enforcers for internal discipline, but perhaps a criminal conspiracy alone is sufficient to establish a gang.

      And, while the organization does not seem to be directly involved with trafficking the stuff, enough of their ‘wrongful killings by police’ involve drug use to make one wonder if their goals are drug user related, as opposed to political, religious, or racial.

  6. Some people seem to resist well-thought out, methodical planning. That’s unfortunate because it leads many people to either not plan at all, or to only plan regarding the “fun stuff.” One of the things I try to teach people regarding preparedness is that “becoming prepared, and staying that way, are both pretty boring.” The other part is “being prepared when things go horribly awry is pretty cool.”
    Some people listen. Sadly, many do not.

  7. Sweet Jesus. Where has this been all my life?
    Standing by for usual suspects at work to whine when I trot this out…

    • Well, strictly speaking, all humans are supposed to be some degree of relative.

      Beyond that, not to my knowledge.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments, and I think Bob and WSF are both ‘experienced’ in the world… Just sayin…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. Off topic, but a shadow of the Grey Man.
    Fifteen Postal Inspectors from New York drove to Florida to make the raid / arrest of Brian Koflage of We Build The Wall, for apparently being employed by a contractor for the non-profit.
    Steve Bannon was arrested elsewhere as well on similar charges. AFAIK, there was no one who complained about their employment.

  10. “Feel free to steal and use as appropriate.”

    Maybe not an appropriate sentence to end an article that suggests “systemic” violence.