Sigh… You’re really old if you remember these…

Note- There were only six colors in the original boxes, by the 1950s there were EIGHT colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black) in the school crayon boxes…

And how many of you remember sitting around these tables back in the day, formica table, plastic seats… And I ‘think’ three colors. Green, yellow, and red, that I remember. We had a green set.

And last but not least… I think we had TWO sets of these… leafy glasses…

I ‘think’ these came from Green Stamps…

Reminds me of being 10 years old… And not a care in the world! ๐Ÿ™‚




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  1. My maternal Grandma had a table very similar, but with yellow flecked formica top. It sat eight and had lots of great meals served on it.

    S&H Green Stamps and Texas Gold Stamps – I remember those too. I am amazed a brick and mortar store was in our small town to trade those in. S&H supplied me with an Imperial knife – hatchet belt sheath set.

    Long long ago in a galaxy far away …

  2. I had one of those table sets in blue in my bachelor furniture for years. Complete with the obligatory burnt patch where someone set a hot pan at some point. Those things were almost indestructable, they just got rattier looking over the years.

  3. We still use my Grandparents yellow table. Kids grew up with it. Missing the chairs though. Nice sturdy table, easy to disassemble and put back together.


  4. And it seemed like over half the shows on TV were westerns, which was why the period was known as The Golden Age of Television.

  5. We had a red table, that collapsed on us at supper one night. Starving, poor college student with a wife and 2 kids. My replacement wood table was little better.

  6. My Memere’ had a similar dinette set. Table was the same but the chairs were fancier. Hers were more wing-backed and had exposed brass tacks. My Nana and Papa definitely had those glasses. Papa loved to make and serve “Highballs” in the tall ones

  7. Our table and chairs were white, but the chairs didn’t survive. I kept the almost indestructible table. No burn mark, but a couple of surface gouges.

    • No, I took another look at it this morning – gray, or that gray/whitish pattern. WL Emery, glad I looked. IIRC, my dad put some better bolts and nuts on, because a leg kept shimmying loose. That leg got its own cardboard wedge to stop moving, too.

  8. The table and chairs take me back to childhood. We didn’t have any like that, but some relatives had them as hand-me-downs, some of the chairs in rough shape. A great aunt had some in good shape.

  9. Yep, all that ‘retro’ stuff was part of my childhood, even young adulthood. I think I still have some green stamps in the wooden box on top of my dresser. Remember looking through the catalog of things you could get with them and trying to talk mom into as many toys as I could!

  10. I remember the crayons. I think that was the set that were ‘free to good home’. Some of the more casual restaurants gave the box of crayons and a coloring book to keep the children amused until the chow arrived. The box you could buy at school for maybe 15ยข had a dozen colors, and the deluxe box had 64 crayons; the super deluxe box had 72 colors. Then there was the mystery box which had a dozen crayons of colors not found in nature.

    We had a table and chairs like that. I think ours was a gray color. One leg kept falling off – we’d be in the middle of Sunday breakfast and the leg would hit the deck, simultaneously causing the Old Man’s hangover nerves a brief but effective overload, and he’d blow a fuse. The table wouldn’t fall or anything, but the leg would go unexpectedly and make a racket. Dad tried fixing it, but it was no good. Eventually we got another table and the trash man took that one. I kind of missed the leg falling and hitting the deck.

    The leaf glasses were actually pretty nice, and you could get them with S&H Green Stamps. My grandmother was nuts for S&H, and eventually got a set which she used as water glasses. Mom did the Top Value (TV) stamps; I don’t remember what she got with them.

    When I worked at a gas station (Sohio) I heisted a few books of TV stamps on my way out. I gave one book to a pregnant lady, and she seemed to appreciate them.

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeap some of that stuff looks familiar. I remember the tables, and the S&H Green Stamps. My mom would keep them in a drawer and tabulate them and get stuff for the house with it. She still have one of the bathroom vanities thingies in Tennessee, back then when the stuff they made wasn’t crap. Good memories and you trusted that your parents had it figured out and most of them did.

  12. All- Thanks for the comments, I don’t ever remember seeing blue or white tables… Interesting!

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  13. Yup – add Tinker Toys and an Erector Set and that was about 1/3 of my childhood right there. My strongest memory was that whatever the plastic of those seats was, on humid summer days you had to be peeled off like a Band-Aid.

  14. Dishware came from the stamps… S&H, Top Value, and Eagle were the popular ones in our area.
    Glasses came in laundry detergent, for fill-ups at gas stations, and as a set at groceries.
    Wow. Are we old, or what?

  15. Anyone remember Little Green Army Men and all the vehicles? I still have 3 big plastic totes full of them. Waiting on grandkids so I can teach them how to do tabletop war gaming.

    • I’ve bought several hundred of the Little Green Army Men on eBay for my grandson and I to play with. He makes little forts with his kinetic sand, and then attacks them!

      Future Marine, I think…

  16. Mom-n-Dad’s table-n-chairs were gray and seated 8 with the leaf in it. They were pure evil. The leg of the table would jump out, grab your little toe on one foot and lay it back to the side of your foot on one side while the leg of a chair would grab your other little toe and do the same thing to it. You would then collapse in a heap in the middle of the kitchen floor hugging your feet and crying in pain.

    Black garden-variety canes from the drug store are just as evil. Mine nailed me on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night a couple of months ago. The toe and joint still doesn’t want a shoe rubbing against it. I wonder if switching to a wooden cane would protect my toes?

  17. Our table and chairs were blue. We had the center leaf so we sat 6. I well remember those plastic chairs on hot and humid Wisconsin summer days.

    Licking Green stamps (we actually used a dish with sponge) and filling books was a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

    I had an Erector Set #7, which included a little electic motor with gears. MANY days of creative construction came from that, but I kept stabbing myself with that rounded-tip blade screwdriver.

  18. We were so poor all we got were the crayon boxes with four in them……………..

  19. Mom collected Green Stamps for various things. She got the electric heater for my basement Radio Room/Study Room with Green Stamps.

    We had frosted glasses with gold rims, but I don’t remember us having the leafy ones.

    One of my Aunts had that same table and chairs! Mom hated the stuff, and insisted on wood, but remember others having the table and chairs.

  20. @ Phil Ryan: In my neighbourhood, they were always cigarette burns ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. That IS my kitchen table! My chairs were yellow, but I recovered them in red.