Three dogs…

Soooo… PP came home to a ‘new’ puppy, a 13 month old Rottie female…

Who apparently has as much ball drive as Vito had. However…

When she doesn’t get the ball in time, the two Labs, who will fight over/play tug of war with ANYTHING they can both get their teeth into…

And the poor Rottie is left without a ball, and no room to get her teeth into the ball… LOL


Three dogs… — 13 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO

    Should give you lots of entertainment, LOL plus some chewed up items here…and there, LOL

  2. 3″ hawser line. About 2 feet in length with the ends wrapped should last at least one afternoon of vigorous doggy play.

  3. PP needs more tennis balls and a dozen tuggy toys.

  4. I’m sorry that Vito has crossed the bridge to the other side, but this young Rottie seems to be a good replacement, and will be a good guardian for the NFO grandkids.

  5. That is everything I learned to expect from Rotties. The one I had had the gentlest mouth of any dog I’ve ever seen.

    I currently have a Cane Corso who has managed to even destroy Kongs, but have found that he can’t kill the Outward Bound Firehose squeak-and-fetch toy (as long as he’s not left alone with it.) It’s about 12″ long by 2″ wide, so there’s room for three dogs on it. Cheap at Chewy or other dog stores.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments. Food is no problem, and there are tuggers/chew toys that do get all three of them involved. 🙂 It’ll be interesting when the pup gets full grown!

  7. Rotts have to be one of the most maligned breeds out there! We had one for twelve years. 2nd best dog we ever owned! 1st place has to go to our current German Shepherd. ‘Damned smarted dog I’ve EVER seen!

  8. As much as I had no need for another dog, she has fit in perfectly with the dogs and kids. Just like most Rotties she has been amazing with the kids and none of them have any type of food aggression. She loves loves loves her tennis balls and will play with herself for hours just dropping it and chasing it. I will have to look into the firehose toys. We have one that is similar that all 3 will play with. She has only been in the dog house as she ate my new bra and digs a hole to drop her ball into then dogs it out again. And we finally had grass in the back🙁 and now I have 3 dogs who drag in mud on the hardwood floors. I am not looking forward to winter!

  9. LSP- You’re welcome!

    Tom- VERY true!

    PP- I’ll bring more tennis balls at Christmas. 😉