A good time was had by all…

The core North Texas Writers, Pilots, and Shooters Association did a thing last night…

We hosted Kal and Amanda Spriggs for dinner at one of the local establishments.

Good food and good conversation was had by all, then we adjourned to the house for desserts and various libations, and other folks joined in…

And my ass is draggin’ this morning. But we had fun! As usual with a bunch of writers, the conversations were multiple, chaotic, instructive, and like playing Jeopardy! All at once…LOL



A good time was had by all… — 8 Comments

  1. Need so much coffee this morning. At least I’m not the one who woke up with an extra story idea from last night’s discussion… nor am I the one woken up at 7am with a text being blamed for it! 😛

    Off to go research ultrasound aging of brandy, because the characters don’t have two years to wait!

  2. Can you identify the members of this scofflaw group. Love to put faces to the names we always hear about…

  3. So good to see you all in an image if I can’t in person! Love every one of those faces.

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