And now they are nine (again)…

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed last night 52-48 by the Senate as the replacement for RBG last night and took the constitutional oath at the White House, administered by Judge Clarence Thomas.

Predictably, the left melted down and AOC and cronies immediately called for ‘expanding’ the court to ‘offset’ the theft of RBG’s seat by the Pubs… Article HERE.

Her acceptance speech after the swearing in was great! She said she would follow the Constitution and be guided by those principles that founded this republic.

Today’s media should be interesting to watch…


And now they are nine (again)… — 20 Comments

  1. A woman being sworn into office by an African American Supreme Court Justice – yeah, lets protest that message. :^)

    Maaaybe a bit late in the game to be inserting into open slot, I’ll admit. But given three years of investigation and months of impeachment hearings and ZERO apologies for the inconvenience and lies told about Trump, they have it coming.

    I hope she makes an awesome Supreme Court Justice.

    • Not JUST an African-American SC Justice.

      Having Clarence Thomas swear in ACB is a direct slap at Biden, who had led the charge against Thomas during his confirmation hearings.

  2. She answered Senate questions and corrected the Senators, without need for reference binders or note. All from memory or on-the-spot analysis. She sounds smart enough to sidestep the trap of getting her children in all ‘the best’ Washington schools, and the need to be on all the DC circuits.

  3. “Maaaybe a bit late in the game to be inserting into open slot, I’ll admit. ”

    Why? “The President shall, with the concurrence of the Senate”. Nowhere does it say “except in an election year” or “close to an election” or “if it makes the other party really mad” or any other restrictions. As I wrote to my local paper, when people were ranting in the Letters section that “we should have an election and let the people decide”, “we did”. We have a duly elected President and a duly elected Senate. They did their jobs.

  4. All above made every point I’d thought of, so I’ll just say that I watched her take the oath at the White House, and make that speech. If the neighbors could see me, I’m sure they wondered why the old guy was doing fist pumps.

  5. regarding the timing of filling the vacant seat, even RBG said the President was elected for 4 years, not 3-1/2. And you know damn good and well the Dems would be doing the same thing if it was a Dem President and a Dem Senate.
    I just really, really hope and pray that a week from tomorrow we’ll know outright that DJT has four more years to drive the libs crazy!

  6. “By contrast, it is the job of a judge to resist her policy preferences. It would be a dereliction of duty for her to give in to them. Federal judges don’t stand for election,” she continued. “Thus they have no basis for claiming that their preferences reflect those of the people.”

    …I could feel that burn from here. The Supreme Court decisions are about to get Really Interesting!

  7. The very LAST thing that the Progs want is a Supreme Court Justice who follows the law.

    The Left doesn’t have Roberts as the swing vote anymore (he who was listed on the flight logs to Epstein’s Island), and that is a whole new ball game. Justice Barrett is such a class act, and will serve honorably – again it’s like acid thrown in the face of the Left.

    • And Roberts is now free to be the leftist jerk he wished he could be.

      • Maybe. Or maybe being on a solid majority means that he won’t have to feel bad when he votes the correct way. We don’t really know his motivations except that it appears that he doesn’t generally like cases that are decided 5-4.

  8. Be interesting to see if any of the leftist supremes think of leaving in the next 4 years… Assuming Trump wins, that is, and since even in leftist held California and New York City he’s pulling big numbers into rallies, seems like he will.

    What a radical, evil, malicious, vicious thing to do. Recommend judges who follow… the law. Shocked, shocked I say.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments! And Breyer is possibly going to leave in the next four years, whether he wants to or not.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. If President Trump’s only legacy is the reshaping of the Federal courts by appointing Constitutional Judges, that alone outshines anything his predecessors have done, IMO.

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    And Hopefully several others will retire during Donald Trumps second term so he can replace them and shape the court for generations, and this will check the liberals for generations.

  12. What’s most important is the answer to this question: Do you think Hillary enjoyed her birthday present? Hey, I never claimed to be a nice man.