Looks like the cops standing down in Philly had a ‘slightly’ different ending than the mayor hoped…

Eleven people were shot during riots in Mayor Jim Kenney’s (D) Philadelphia last night, as violence reached a point of “looters shooting looters,” Fox 29’s Steve Keeley reported.

Full article, HERE.

So, it’s come to the point that the late comers are just capping the ones that did all the work, carjacking and/or shooting them and taking their stolen stuff…

Thanks for all those votes for Trump! Sigh…

And in other news, there’s apparently a new/rejuvenated phishing scam for your Google password! From the Mil email string…

The Phishing Scam is After Your Google Password. Don’t
let your curiosity get the better of you. A new scam appears
to be an email from Google, informing you that someone
has shared a photo album. But it’s really a phishing scheme
that’s after your password.
How the Scam Works – You get an email or text message

that appears to come from Google Photo. Someone is shar-
ing an album of photos with you. To view the photos, you

just need to click the link. The message looks so real! It may
use a convincing URL, which has been created by Google’s
goo.gl URL shortener to appear to be an official Google
domain name. The message also seems to come from the
email [email protected] The catch? There is no
photo album. It’s a phishing con. When you click the “View
Photo” link, it will open in your web browser and prompt

you to log into your Google account. If you enter your in-
formation, you are giving scammers your username and

password. Con artists can now access your email account as

well as any other accounts that use the same login infor-

How to avoid a phishing scam -Follow these tips to pro-
tect yourself from this and other online phishing scams.

– Never click on links in unsolicited messages. Phishing
scams direct you to websites that look official, but these

sites may be infected with malware. If you don’t know and
trust the person who sent you the message, don’t click on
any links.
– Be careful with shortened links. Con artists often use link
shorteners, such as Bit.ly or Goo.gl, to disguise scam links.
Be extra cautious when following one of these links because
you can’t tell where it leads.

– If it seems strange, it may be a scam. Be wary of any mes-
sage that comes from a friend but seems out of character.

(For example, an old work acquaintance who contacts you
out of the blue.) It may have originated from their account,
but they could be victims, too.
– Don’t fall for “urgent” scams. Scammers like to cause

alarm to create urgency. You might get a message that indi-
cates you’re in a compromising video, your password is

being reset, your account is in danger of deactivation, or
some other dire situation that needs immediate attention. If
it seems unlikely, watch out.
For More Information – Read more about common phishing
scams and how to avoid them at BBB.org/PhishingScam. If
you’ve been a victim of this or another phishing scam, be
sure to report it at BBB.org/ScamTracker. Your report can
help others to spot a scam before it’s too late.



Oopsie… — 9 Comments

  1. I once got a phishing/scam attempt claiming if I didn’t submit this or that the incriminating/embarrassing video from webcam (physically covered unless in *active* use by *MY* choice) within X time…

    ..to an account I check every GREAT once in a while (and which is a *shell account* – impossible to get video from!). The short time had elapsed many times over. Result: My laughter.

  2. I don’t DO Google, so I don’t have a Google password, but if I did…..Yo mama’s UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLy and your girlfriend’s UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGlier!!

  3. Thus is always with socialist and communist societies. Those who actually do the ‘work’ have their hard-earned/hard-stolen spoils removed by their betters, often at gunpoint, and often resulting in the death of the gatherers.

    So much for solidarity and all that other happy carpy stuff.

    Black Lives Matter now just means ‘Survival of the nastiest and meanest.’

    And, yes, making more Trump voters right and left.

    Unfortunately, also making more normal people bigoted and prejudiced because of the actions of said BLMers and Black Supremacists and Black hoodlums and Black rioters and and and and. Le Sigh…

    Oh to have the crappy race relationships we had before Barky the magic Lightbringer and his she-thing took office… You know, when race relationships weren’t a political toy by a certain fat, aged, evil ex-Nazi loving Hungarian…

  4. looters shooting looters? I do believe that’s what a good friend on the force referred to as a “public service homicide.”

  5. I watched/read the Philly thing.

    Good work, Dems, the place was already bad, now it’s really bad. And guess what, nobody cares. Your call, commies.

    I say that, but we do care, we want our cities to be awesome places to live as opposed to urban hellhole Detroits.


  6. I’m getting the fishing scams on yahoo email. If I don’t click the link and sign in I won’t get my email. after today.

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