Plan on paying 10x or more for the SAME guns today…

Depending on the next week(s), you might want to look around and see what is available…

I do have an old Colt Woodsman in the safe, and it’s a ‘basic’ .22 pistol, but it’s fun to shoot, and a world of difference from the .22 pistols of today! There really isn’t much, other than changing grips that one can do to one of them.



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  1. Manufactured at a place and time when the product was built by people who took pride in them, manufacturing them as if they were the future owner – user.

    No Pony’s in my stable, but a Hi-Standard Model B makes my heart sing. Born in late 1930’s, the old girl keeps on ticking.

  2. When I was in high school I bought a used Ruger Standard w/6″ barrel because I couldn’t afford a Woodsman. Even back then, they were getting spendy, at least for a high school student. That Ruger is a real tack driver for what it is, and has accounted for a fair number of jack rabbits over the years.

  3. If you know the year of the advertisement, you can crank the numbers through the inflation calculator.

    It’s far enough in the past that the address lacks a postal code.

    I’ve sometimes regretted buying certain guns, but now I deeply regret selling any guy and I no longer need to justify buying a weapon, by selling a weapon.

    We visited the range/gun store yesterday, and the display cases and walls were largely empty.

    I’m still not over walking into a gun store while wearing a mask.

  4. jrg- Yep, they have their ‘quirks’ but they work!

    NRW- Nothing wrong with them either. I have a couple of Ruger .22s in the stable.

    Ed- Agreed!

    John- Yeah, that just feels…wrong… A friend did work the numbers, and it came out to roughly 10x the cost.

  5. Late to the table, but I have two — a “Buntline Special” — long barrel revolver, in .22 LR, which was given me a very very long time ago, and hand assembled by the chief inspector at Colt’s — and a Woodsman. I wouldn’t part with them…

  6. Yes. Well, all that’s about to be banned by our new Bolshevik Millionaires.

  7. Just recently had the chance to pick up two Officer Model Match pistols as part of an estate buy, one in .38spl and one in.22 cal. And your figure of X10 is pretty close to being correct.
    “…wearing a mask.” As a doc friend of mine told me,
    “That’s like putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes.”