Something positive! Some real rock and roll!!!

Blue Angels – Ultimate Best Action Video from Anthony Sullivan on Vimeo.


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      Living in the Seattle area saw the Blue Angels every year and didn’t have much regard for the Thunderbirds until I saw them at Paine Field one year. Fantastic!

  1. And Happy 245th birthday to the Marine members of the Blue Angels and all their comrades in arms! Get some, devil dogs!

  2. Heard they were getting rid of their Hornets this year. Switching to Super-Hornets. Will be interesting to see if the SH makes them change any of their routines.

    • Looking forward to when they move to NAF El Centro. Usually they go out just into the new year for 2 months of practice. Next season the first airshow is not until April so I’m not sure when they will start. Since they’re moving the the Super Hornets they may want an extended time. Transition started a couple of years ago. They’ve already received the jets. I have watched the daily training flight videos posted for years. The way I start most mornings is watching videos like this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4O3OH8zy8o

  3. All- Thanks and yes, ALL of the videos are good. I’d never seen the one set to the Moody Blues, and I like that. There is always a Marine in the diamond! And Fat Albert is the Marine contribution to the Blues

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  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeah the Hornets were getting long in the tooth, the airframe has a lot of hours in it despite the great maintenance and metal fatigue is a real issue. Excellent video and the Moody blues just jams.

  5. What, no Kenny Loggins? Well, then again that was a -Navy- movie, not Air Force…