Veterans Day… — 18 Comments

  1. A very happy Veteran’s Day to all the fellow survivors out there.
    Getting shot at is highly overrated. One star. Do not recommend.

  2. Thank all y’all service men / womenb for your service and sacrifices made for our country. I hope your day goes well.

  3. Thank you OldNFO. You stood in the gap, and made it through. Bravo Zulu!!

  4. I got my VFW package yesterday. Submarine Deterrent Patrols count.

    Thanks to all that served.

  5. Bittersweet day, every year. Remembering those who didn’t return, and those who returned maimed in body and mind should temper our pride, IMO.

  6. 20 years USAF; ten years in two missile wings, and 8 years in 33 different launch control centers. I have awakened below the gravel 270 times (best guess). Long ago and far away. All but two were blown in, the two remaining are museum sites.

  7. To all who gave their all, and lost, either physically or mentally. And to those who wait to join their comrades.

    As I grow older, this day affects me more and more. Oh, the callousness and stupidity of youth.

    To absent friends and fallen comrades, may God keep you close to him.