Peace, love, and harmony???

Soooo… After 4 years if hatred and divisiveness, all of a sudden the left wants to ‘work together’???


This is working together???

They’re dancing around that ‘switch’ doing everything but flipping it… Kinda reminds me of the frog and scorpion joke about the river… With this addition…

The fat lady hasn’t sung, matter of fact, she hasn’t even tuned up yet… So all their BS is a ‘tad’ premature. And they’ve very conveniently forgotten AlBore’s 2000 challenges for over 30 days to the election. Even Joe Lieberman is saying the Pubs have a ‘right’ to do what they are doing, and he was AlBore’s VP nominee.

Michael Walsh posted this on the 9th… Worth the read!

Now that the media has declared Joe Biden the next president of the United States, let’s take a look at the state of play:
1. Donald Trump is legally the president until his term expires at noon on Jan. 20, 2021. Nothing that happened last week or will happen until Jan. 20 will affect his position or authority in any way.
2. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is neither the president nor the president-elect.
3. There is no such thing as the “office of the president-elect.” Barack Obama invented this phantom unconstitutional position back in 2008. It didn’t matter then and it doesn’t matter now, except in the minds of the media.
4. Biden will not be president-elect until the Electoral College meets on Dec. 14, if then. However …
5. Dec. 8 is the so-called “safe harbor” date, by which the states, under federal law, must have resolved any and all controversies regarding a disputed election, and their governors must so certify, in order for the names of the actual electors to be reported to the national archivist.
6. Neither state governors nor courts, including their high courts, have any authority over how federal elections are conducted in their states.
7. If the election results are still in doubt by Dec. 8—as they might well be—the Trump campaign could ask the state legislatures in the disputed battleground to set aside the tainted tallies and use their plenary powers under Article 1, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution to appoint and certify slates of electors favorable to the GOP.
8. Republicans now fully control 24 states, in which they have both houses of the legislature and the state house, including the battleground states of Arizona and Florida. Meanwhile, in Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, they control the legislatures, but the governors are Democrats. All six of those states could send Trump slates to the feds by Dec. 8, if they wish. Whether their Democratic governors would certify the slates is, of course, another matter. By contrast, the Democrats control only one current battleground state in which the vote is in dispute, Nevada, with a majority in the legislature and a Democrat as governor.
9. Should the election be thrown into the House of Representatives—as it was in 1800 and 1824—each state delegation gets one vote for president, and Trump would win, 31–18. For those scoring at home, that would mean 185,895,957 Americans, voting via their congressional delegations, would outvote 133,888,565 people living in Democrat states.
10. At the moment, the key state is also the Keystone State, whose 20 electoral votes would put Biden over the top, along with Arizona should they withstand legal challenges. Highly partisan Democratic control of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the governor’s mansion, however, has thus far ensured the state will remain contentious to the end. Reverse those votes, however, and then the quest for the White House all comes down to Georgia.
11. There can be no doubt that in several states, the results have been highly questionable, including Michigan and Wisconsin, in which mysterious tranches of votes—in some cases 100 percent for Biden—arrived in the dead of night during a “lull” in the counting, allowing the Democrats to figure out how many votes they needed for the former veep to pull ahead.
12. Elsewhere, electronic “glitches” have been reported, switching Trump votes to Biden, although rarely if ever the other way around. But this is par for the course regarding important elections, in which the Democrats somehow pull off amazing statistical improbabilities/impossibilities and nip the Republican candidate at the wire every time. Only once in recent history has it been stopped: in Florida in 2000, and there, they fumbled by asking for recounts in only three, heavily Democrat counties.
13. We can thank the weaponization of the CCP virus, in the guise of the overwhelmingly non-lethal COVID-19 disease, for much of the chaos. The Democrats have been pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a free and fair election, bulldozing constitutional and social norms in order to remove as many protections against arrant fraud as they possibly could, all in the name of “fairness.” The virus gave them the excuse to liberalize “early voting” and thus trash law and custom for our own “safety.”
14. During one of his few campaign appearances, the bumbling Biden made the following unconditional statement: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Imagine the howling on the left had Trump said something like that. And yet fraud and the Democratic Party have gone hand-in-hand at least since Tammany Hall in the 19th century. Indeed, it has become the punchline of a joke everybody knows, including Democrats. Except, they’re proud of it.
15. Some conservative commentators, among them lawyers, have tried to make the point that, yes, there’s fraud, but it really doesn’t matter unless it materially affects the outcome of the election. These are the same lawyers, by the way, who employ the doctrine of “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” (false in one detail, false in all) to discredit eyewitness testimony in big trials.
16. But fraud is fraud, and therefore its presence should rightfully invalidate the entire election, at least within each state where it provably occurs. It ought not to matter whether it involves outright ballot theft, forged ballots, illegal-alien ballots, fake “early voting” ballots, or obviously manufactured ballots delivered days after the nominal end of Election Day.
17. There was a time, perhaps, when a Richard Nixon—who knew he’d been cheated in Illinois by Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley out of the 1960 election—could put country before party and refuse to challenge JFK’s hairsbreadth victory. But those days are long gone; the stakes are simply too high.
18. Everybody back then knew the Nixon and Kennedy differed in policy, not in love of country. Today’s critical-theory Democrats don’t love the country as founded, they love it for the kind of socialist utopia into which they’d like to fundamentally transform it. Don’t be fooled by their expressions of “patriotism.”
19. It’s time to rein in the media. Nobody—not even they themselves—views them as impartial reporters and fact-finders any more. Overwhelmingly leftist in outlook, today’s “reporters” prefer to think of themselves as social-justice warriors, effecting “change” by any means necessary. But members of the media should undergo the same scrutiny they apply to their political enemies, and be held liable under the same laws the rest of the population must abide by.
20. It’s also long past time to strip the “social media” companies and internet giants of the federal protection, specifically section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, that shelters them from liability actions on the grounds that they are “platforms,” not publishers. But as 2020 has shown, they were and are active partisans on the leftist side, slanting and shading the news—and even, in the case of the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell—suppressing it altogether.”
In sum, we appear to be in uncharted waters. But as the elections of 1800, 1824, 1876, and 2000 have shown, we generally find a way to muddle through. Let the constitutional processes play out, and let’s see who takes the oath of office come January.


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  1. Yes that. I just want the person who comes up with the honest number of electoral votes to win. Should Trump lose, he has a great family and future of retirement or more economic opportunities. He won’t be hurting.

    And should any party decide that Equality can be achieved by property theft, let that decision be on their heads.

    • “Should Trump lose, he has a great family and future of retirement or more economic opportunities. He won’t be hurting.”

      If Trump should lose his future is over. The future for his kids will be over. The powers in Washington DC will send everything they have after him. They need to destroy his family.


      Trump had the audacity to go against them. He needs to be punished so he cannot run again in 2024. Also, Trump will be used as an example for others to what happens if they try to fight the Deep State.

      • If the Deep State gets control of the Executive Branch again, expect to see a weaponized EB ten times worse than Obama’s mishandling of the office. Which means even more bupkis and chicanery, more edicts from on high. “I have a telephone and a pen” will be the guiding principles of the occupants of the White House (and whomever is their controllers.) Nothing will be sacred.

        So, yes, expect a full KGB-style witch hunt of anyone posting anything negative about the Donks and the Election. Doxing, pulling over for misdemeanor crimes, being fired, audited, foreclosed on, eminent domained, murdered on the side of the road by ‘federal’ officers, all the stuff we saw under Obama but ten times worse.

  2. Any way you look at it Trump’s “path to victory” passes through the Federal Courts. Odds of him finding honest nudes to hear he issue? Minimal. Example. The GOP in Nevada filed suit to have obviously fraudulent ballots removed from the vote count. District Court Judge Andrew Gordon…..a San FagFreakShow native and Obama appointees…. summarily dismissed it. Expect that to be the norm.

    • Expect that dismissal to be dismissed. It was blatantly a partisan dismissal.

      • Still waiting for Judge Gordon to be overruled……not holding my breath.

    • Honest “nudes”???? Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…
      Me LIKE ’em!

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Its going to get sporty and I don’t mean that in a good way, half of the country will not accept the results of the elections either way, it is tainted. I would say “do a mulligan” but the donks have invested too much in the fraud to go for a total rerun of the election and get it done…..again. I fear it will end in blood, once the results come back for Trump, you will see the soldiers of Soros riot in the cities and the mayors let them and blame it on Trump and Biden trying to organize a coup against Trump saying the election was “stolen and the peoples will being thwarted”. This will end in blood…I don’t see a clean way out. President Trump has to go for Broke, he has no choice, the donks will hound him and his family and supporters, you have already seen the warm up tweets of “lists” and other things…this is the new reality that is promised by the lefties. We on the right side of the divide haven’t forgotten or forgiven the hell we have endured for the past 5 years by our “betters” and we ain’t in a forgiving mood.

  4. Your post is well thought out & convincing. With a number of Dims having already stated that they will seek Trump’s prosecution for various “crimes” the second he leaves office, he has many reasons to remain where he is.

  5. The donkeys, bless their hearts, are calling for unity. Will they do that if the Congress certifies President Trump for four more years? Will they come together in peace and love? Will the Age of Aquarius dawn?

    • Or if enough chicanery is overthrown and Trump wins outright without having to go to Congress?

      No. The answer is no. The Donks won’t accept anything less than them being in total control. They will have their Night of the Long Knives, their Kristalnacht, their great cleansing in a very Stalin and Mao way.

      The Khymer Rouge would be horrified by the extent the Donks will get payback even if they succeed in frauding the way to the White House. If they lose? Expect to see more of the same, but worse. People being fired for supporting the Constitution, doxing and terror attacks at peoples’ homes, ten times worse than what we’ve already seen.

      After all, National Socialists are gonna National Socialist.

  6. Expect LA to go the way of Portland and Seattle in the not too distant future. Per reports from insiders the new DA hates cops.

    • It is part of Kali, you know. And a large part is illegal to boot.

  7. I hope:
    1. That the election of the President is provably in accordance with the Constitution of the United States;
    2. That it is QUICKLY resolved;
    3. That ALL of us who swore the Oath will act according to the terms of the Oath.

    WHO wins is not as important to me as winning according to the rules. If more people want Pepsi than Coke, okay; I’ll drink Pepsi. The winner of the election hasn’t been the one I voted for before.
    And I AIN’T gonna fight no battles that haven’t presented themselves yet.
    But, I DID swear the Oath, and I believe that there are enough others who swore the same Oath that ANY person who attempts to illegally take over the government is going to have an unhappy experience.

    • Sorry Pat, but if Pepsi wins, they can drink all the Pepsi they want. I will still drink Coke, if that’s what I want and no one will tell me or force me to do otherwise. I won’t force them and likewise I expect to be treated the same.

  8. Our voting system has been flawed for generations. The US of A certainly has the technology to conduct an honest election, but little to nothing has ever been done to fix the obvious problems. My point being that if our elected officials wanted it, we’d have fair and unquestionably legitimate elections by now. We don’t.

    I managed to survive 8 years of the Ayatollah Obongo. I can survive four years of the worst case scenario.

  9. The game is afoot.

    We didn’t ask for this, but we’re here.

    Remember your oaths. The domestic part. They’re making lists for jebus sake.

    Don’t end up like Solzhenitsyn

  10. I always like to “verify” content. Your article by Michael Walsh is from Epoch Times 11/9 updated 11/11/20. Please add reference links.

    Thank you.

  11. What people seem to forget is that the poor scorpion is The Real Victim in that classic tale.