Revisionist history strikes again…

In formerly Great Britain this time… Racism by any other name is???

Or is it… History is history, names are names FROM THAT TIME PERIOD!

Dambusters dog: Headstone replaced to remove racist name

Article, HERE, which never ‘says’ the name…

Another, less complimentary article, HERE that lays it all out…

When everything becomes racist, the threat becomes less and less until it is ignored. Funny thing is, growing up in the 50s and 60s, I had black, cajun, creole,and mesesito friends in Louisiana and Arkansas, because we lived out in the country. And a 20+ year military career taught me that we are all pink on the inside, and skin color didn’t matter when we were working.

Now days??? Sigh…


Revisionist history strikes again… — 19 Comments

  1. My patience for tearing down statues, changing names and deleting historical references for repair of racism is gone down to zero care given. Not a single victim will be healed or fixed. Only causes more animosity. I don’t think this heals racism – to me it adds fuel to the fire.

    • +1

      Why don’t they put “Here lies N-Word” no one will know what they mean by that. Because everyone knows when you say “they said the N-word” translation is unknown. Know one knows what the N-word is right?

  2. The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there. – L. P. Hartley.

    Applying modern sensibilities to the past is a fool’s errand. Especially as the woke are now busy changing what words and thoughts are acceptable with dizzying speed.

    It’s a foolish means of making the woke feel superior to those who were their betters and accomplished more they the woke have done or will do in every possible way.

  3. If we were playing the cancellation game fairly, we would have cancelled Mexico.

    If we were playing the tear down monument game fairly, JFK’s ‘eternal’ flame would be gone.

  4. About time. That name was disrespectful to a former Queen of England. This stunning and brave actress, Jodie Turner-Smith, is set to play Anne Boleyn in an upcoming Channel 5/ViacomCBS series.

    Now we all know that our progressive and woke betters are always all about ensuring that the actor have the same race and sexual orientation as the person being portrayed, so I regard this as definitive proof (PROOF, I say) that Anne Boleyn was a proud Black woman.

    PS: Also, Beethoven was Black. Immortal Beloved was a shockingly false portrayal of the great man and Gary Oldman should be ashamed for accepting the part and whitewashing such a musical hero. Also also, did you know that the Emil Mannerheim, “The Greatest Finn”, was Black? This is true. I have proof:
    (Not a parody trailer. This is a real movie.)

    • Just because people claim something, that does not mean those claims are the truth (witness your latest election results) 🙂

  5. All- Yep, progressives ‘deem’ what is truth, regardless of the reality of history… sigh

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  6. Glad that there seems to be some adults left in England (those wanting the name returned.)

    Hate all of this bullscat. It is obviously an attack by a group of people on all our histories.

    What’s next? Renaming William the Bastard to William the ‘My dad had unprotected sex with the cow-herder’s/tanner’s daughter’?

  7. Nonsense like this is why I own DVD copies of movies that are guaranteed to tweak snowflakes, like “The Dambusters”, in which the dog is called by his proper name, offensive or not.

    I also have a DVD rip of “Song of the South” from an original laser disk. And my copy of “Little Black Sambo” from when I was a kid. My Mom read that one to me over and over. I loved that book. If my house is ever searched by the authorities, I will be front page news for days.

    • Glad I have a VHS copy of Dambusters. Am sure owning it will be a felony under the Harris regime.

      • Quite likely the funniest flick ever. We got likkered up at the northwoods cabin and watched it with Spanish audio and French subtitles. Good times.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!
    The horror…………………………………………….

  9. As Joe Biden said “Truth over facts!”.

    Old NFO, it will come down to bend the knee, bow or die. Much like the way that Islam “converted” people as they went through the Levant, the Byzantine Empire, North Africa and elsewhere a 1000 plus years ago (and as some still do). I guess that is why the Left has an affinity to Islam.