15 years ago…

We STOOD as a country…

And now?

I’m not sure I have an answer to what we are… Sigh…


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  1. We’re not who we used to be. But the video was truly inspiring.

    Imagine, stadiums used to be full of people. And athletes stood for the National Anthem, and …I don’t even watch football or baseball anymore. And the news is now just a propaganda outlet like something out of 1984. And now matter how you vote, it comes out “communist”. And wear your mask and take the shot, damnit.

    2020…go figure.

    • You know, if we were trapped at the same point in 1984 (the year, not the novel) we’d at least have 4 more years of President Ronald Reagan to look forward to.

  2. It reminds me of a time, not long gone, when such things were popular with a wide swatch of the population.

    It still is, but a VERY vocal minority wants us to believe it ain’t that way anymore.

  3. Clay- You’re welcome!

    LL- Same here. And yes, 2020…sigh

    Ray- Agreed!

    Rev- Good point…

    Sam- 🙂

  4. I can’t predict the future, of course, but I’m reminded of the phrase used by a Navy Chief, born in the Republic of the Philippines, with whom I had the honor of serving. “We may be pucked.”

  5. There are now two different and separate nations, one is the Free United States of America, full of people who question, argue, scream at each other but yet get along.

    The other? The Collective Socialist Oligarchy of Amerika? Yeah, pushing socialistic bull-scat on ignorant and misguided idjits all to support a ruling class that makes the French aristocracy of 1791 seem enlightened and forward and un-oppressive.

    And like those stories of parallel dimensions that overlap in some places, the two, America and Amerika, overlap in some places, coexisting, and in other places only one Americ(k)a is expressed.

    And I don’t know how to bring Amerika back to America, short of shooting.

  6. Now? Now I think we are on the verge of crashing or worst seeing another civil war as this election is the final straw between the two sides, free and socialist. . ..

  7. RM- Or we’ll need a big ‘pocking’ wrench…

    Beans- Good point.

    John- Sadly, I can’t disagree.