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This happened…

As no presidential candidate had received a majority of the total electoral votes in the election of 1824, Congress decides to turn over the presidential election to the House of Representatives, as dictated by the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Full article, HERE.

And a bit more, HERE about the electoral college and what happens in the House…

While I don’t think we’re going to get there this time, it is going to be interesting for the next couple of weeks!


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  1. I’ve had a number of people ask me whether the election will be thrown to Congress. If that happens, President Trump is re-elected.

    I would like to see that happen, Old NFO. But in my heart, I see maybe six months of Biden, and then Harris. And where things go from there is anyone’s guess.

    • We go the way of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina…

      Nothing good can come of Biden-Harris.

      There will be secret arrest warrants ala General Flynn, with any strong conservative, whether politician or judge, sucked down in 4AM ‘warrant’ arrests.

      And the country will die.

  2. Many of us, including you, would prefer the near future be less interesting than what it could be, not being critical, just observing, we will find out soon enough.

  3. I hope you’re wrong about it not going to the States.
    If you’re not, our republic is lost.
    Our vote will be meaningless.

  4. LL- I agree. It’s a done deal at this point… dammit…

    Grog- Point!

    GB- Sadly, I ‘think’ I’m right, and yes, we’re done for.

  5. come govan, if we must die today, let us die like men. Patrick Clebourne, csa.

  6. The question becomes this: are we reaching the point at which we must do the thing? I so strongly and sincerely hope not, and yet I fear so much for my country as other options seem destined to rapidly disappear, one after another.

    • rm, i’m feeling just the opposite. if not now, then never and the republic is lost and our children are slaves, or worse. as you said, our options are getting fewer by the minute.

  7. To add to the illegalities, Georgia Elections has shredding trucks showing up link. Do they believe that if they shred the illegal ballots/machines, that the issue becomes moot (I’ve seen liberals propose this), and we’ll go along with the stolen election? The other thing that impresses me is the sheer blatantness of it.

  8. If the dems get away with this, does it mean we’re broken? Well yes, in terms of “free and fair elections,” constitutional republic and all of that. Where does this lead us?

    To a miraculous 2022 swing away from the dems? Possibly, but what would that mean. Yet more entrenched uniparty oligarchy under the guise of “representation.” And with it, the continued asset stripping of the nation and all that flows from it.

    Behold, we end up living as de facto serfs in a kleptocracy.

    I don’t see that transition working out smoothly in America.

    Forgive the essay.

  9. The case for not escalating is that we still have something left to lose from escalating.

    And, in theory, there are definitely many things conservatives care for that could be lost.

    The Presidency can legally pardon, and there are something like 200k in the federal prison system. Those are a mechanism to alter life in red areas.

    Remember the people Obama released, and what resulted.

    It is now clear that Trump was running against Piglet.

    Winnie the Pooh’s sister was raped with Mao’s sanction, and Winnie grew up to want to be just like Mao.

    His thoughts for incorporating the US into the hundred acres wood may well run to using criminals that way, and his assets in the US may implement that.

    Keith Ellison has outright made statements along that line. IIRC. Not thinking that rapists should be killed.

    And Epstein’s death was suspicious and significant; Maxwell stands potentially able to incriminate people with pull. There is very little information on people who should be trusted.