New novelette is out!!!

Originally wrote this for what I thought was going to be an anthology about the election and possible happenings regardless of who won. The anthology didn’t go, so…

You get April Fool!

Click the cover for the link to Amazon!

The blurb-

Sean ‘Mac’ McCampbell just wants to keep his head down, avoid the riots, and finish his Linguistics PhD before his GI Bill runs out. But when the professors are promoting insurrection and the cops won’t contain the violence, Mac finds trouble won’t leave the people and places he loves alone.

There’s only so much hurt you can inflict on a man before he decides to do something about it.

The Long March is about to get a real surprise on April first!

Novelette, 13,800 words


New novelette is out!!! — 28 Comments

  1. I remember the teaser for this one!
    Just bought it, looking forward to reading the finished work.

  2. The time lapse between “New novelette is out!!!” and pushing the one click button is too small to be measured.

    Thank you for the early and unexpected Christmas present!

  3. What McChuck and John said. Thanks and Merry Christmas FO

  4. Purchased and downloaded. Liked the snippet.

    Now, treat it like a good plate of brisket, and do not try to Wolf it down fast.

  5. And . . . . . I needed a fresh book to read today and here it is, just bought it, finished my morning chores and now I can settle down for a nice afternoon of reading. Thank you ever so much for another good book.

  6. Just read the novelette and it was way too short but that’s what a novelette is. What a bang up job of describing Austin, U of Texas and faculty. I also like Stubbs and have their Barbecue sauce on my shelf right now.

    When I went back to college 50 years ago I took some sociology courses to get A’s without having to work hard just filling out my hours and being over 25 years old I learned real fast how to understand what the teacher wanted to have regurgitated on the test and otherwise kept my mouth shut and just went along for the ride, especially in a Race and Ethnic relations class where the lady prof was totally nuts. At that in the early 70’s there were a lot of GI’s in school on the GI bill and we had our own tables for coffee in the student union and the youngsters kind of stayed out of our way.

  7. I saw the link on the book of faces last night, it has been bought and read already..

    +1 to OldTexan’s comment. My uncle’s best advice about being a returning student was “Study the professor first, then the course material”

  8. Saw the link and purchased it. From what I remember of the teaser, it promises a fair number of happy endings. (For the reader, not the perps…)

    It’s next in the queue.

  9. Purchased and read in one sitting! Thank you! I really enjoyed this, and would like to see these characters again. Bravo Zulu, sir!

  10. EXCELLENT!! I was on a roll reading and came to the end. I’m thinking when you are writing you are on a roll, too. Can’t figure out how you decide when to put “The End” in there. What — realize you’re late for a doctor’s appointment and that’s the end? 🙂

    Third son was born at St. David’s. Got my degree while at Bergstrom. Best assignment in my long career. Bought so many spring rolls from the Vietnamese vendor out front of the bookstores I should have just bought his cart. Years later went back and spent a week but didn’t find a job to retire to. Now, looking at Austin, I’m glad for it.

  11. Bought the book this morning, read it this afternoon. We definitely need more on this story line.
    Feed the Muse and set her loose!

  12. Is this the story that you put the teaser up from some time ago? I just checked out the Look Inside and it ended before the actual story started.

  13. Finished reading earlier this week, the story line is great, and I posted an Amazon link for the book on the AoSHQ book thread.