Once again Mr. Ramirez hits it out of the park…

Pelosi et al did the deed and finally owned up to it… Or lack of it…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) admitted during a press conference on Friday it was Democrats’ decision to withhold crucially needed aid for Americans suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Full article, HERE.


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  1. I knew that the foot dragging was a political maneuver, but to hear her say it out loud.

    I don’t have the vocabulary to describe just how loathsome and vile these people are. And if I did say something, it would probably get me banned. But the old Texas adage about “needed killin'” comes to mind.

  2. The Democrats don’t care. They only want power, money and sex. (And to crush the Americans, see the white heteros driven before them, and to hear the lamentations of the breeders, of course.)

    • Now that was funny. Dark as all heck, too true, but still funny.

      In a “now it’s time to shoot them in the face” way, of course.

  3. Given the inflation ongoing and the like, As much as I hate seeing businesses fail and people stagger, I’m not excited about dumping more “stimulus” into the economy. Start with a liability shield law. See what happens, then add assistance packages with sundown provisions.

    Not that Congress [the opposite of progress] would do something that careful.

  4. If the stimulus money was applied to people and small businesses, while at the same time removing all the Covidiocracy restrictions, it would be a price well spent as the economy would boom back and make up the losses.

    But any Covid relief that the Dems actually approve? It’s just money thrown away on Dem money-laundering schemes. Like, more money for Planned Parenthood to immediately turn around and funnel back to the Dem congresscritters. Or more money to the Lincoln Center that doesn’t go to their low-level employees but to all the executives who happen to be spouses of… congresscritters.

    Like back in the days of the great mortgage crisis, thanks to the dual influences of Barney Frank and John McCain, instead of bailing out the banks directly, the nation would have been far better served if the regulations had been fixed AND all crappy mortgages given $25k to $50k of direct relief to give the people time to refinance or bail. But, instead, it went directly to the banks, who funneled vast portions of the money right back to the congresscritters – either as political donations or through the ‘spouse and relative’ hiring program…

  5. a) political
    b) for the purpose of of an effort to cheat Biden into office, backed by the ChiComs.
    c) Pelosi is a California Democrat, and apparently an early PRC asset.
    d) The reason I objected to Trump running on ‘lock her up’ is precisely because I thought it an escalation, that risked the Roman Republic’s failure mode of high stakes politics making civil war a reasonable remedy for a political loss. There are still costs to escalation, but Democrats are either crazy or foreign influenced enough that they push towards civil war no matter what they do.
    e) I am maybe desperate enough for a better result that I might be blinding myself to certain necessities.
    f) If Biden is senile, that is an advantage in a game of Chicken. Biden and Harris are precisely the sort you would want in place if your object is getting Trump to turn aside. Problem is, they’ve let Melania know what is waiting for Barron, and her background could give her a fairly shrewd idea of the implications.
    g) It is ambiguous whether various escalations have any remaining costs.
    h) There are a number of institutions which have been suborned by Democrats or the left. In normal circumstances, there remains an economic case for permitting the institutions to continue to operate. In extreme circumstances, it would be worth spending lives to destroy the institutions.
    i) I’m personally quite confused, especially given personal conflicts of interest.
    j) I’m not at all sure that collaborating in the DNC’s effort to profit, after causing economic harm for partisan gain, at all makes sense.

  6. I’m only shocked that she said the quiet part out loud. Tanking the economy, making people hurt, and blocking anything that might help is on page 19 of the politics playbook.